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BAFACL Power Rankings – Premiership – Week 10

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1 – London Warriors – Prem South (Non-Mover)

The poor London Olympians were annihilated by the Warriors but we didn’t really expect anything less.

2 – Bristol Aztecs – Prem South (Non-Mover)

A decent win on the road against the Kent Exiles keeps the Aztecs at 2.

3 – Manchester Titans – Prem North (Non-Mover)

We said on our show that Manchester might take it out on Merseyside after their loss to Tamworth and they did just that.

4 – Tamworth Phoenix – Prem North (Non-Mover)

An easy win for Tamworth this week in the Dan Smith memorial game as they roll over the Steelers.

5 – London Blitz – Prem South (Up 1)

The Blitz really needed a win against the better sides in the Prem North and they got revenge on Solent for their early-season loss. They jump the division rivals into 5th.

6 – Solent Thrashers – Prem South (Down 1)

A loss to the Blitz wouldn’t seem out of the ordinary but Solent will be disappointed after beating them earlier in the season.

7 – Edinburgh Wolves – Prem North (Non-Mover)

The Wolves struggled against Sheffield at home but managed to scrape a win.

8 – Kent Exiles – Prem South (Non-Mover)

A loss at home to the Aztecs is nothing to be ashamed about, but it’s not going to improve your status in our power rankings.

9 – London Olympians – Prem South (Non-Mover)

A heavy defeat to the Warriors isn’t uncommon for premiership teams. They remain where they are because the other teams didn’t win or do anything special this week either.

10 – Merseyside Nighthawks- Prem North (Non-Mover)

A big loss for Merseyside that was very much expected. Their games against the Giants this season will define exactly where they stand.

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