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BAFACL Power Rankings – Premiership – Week 4

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1 – London Warriors – Prem South (Non-Mover)

The Warriors top the blitz away from home 43-7 so solidify their spot atop our rankings.

2 – Manchester Titans – Prem North (Non-Mover)

Another top team who win 49-7 away from home against the Sheffield Giants.

3 – Bristol Aztecs – Prem South (Non-Mover)

A 46-0 shutout against the Kent exiles means the Aztecs retain their no.3 spot.

4 – Solent Thrashers – Prem South (Up 2)

Now we have comparable results as well as a win over the Blitz Solent deserve their place above them in the rankings. They took care of the Olympians 42-6.

5 – London Blitz – Prem South (Non-Mover)

A thumping at the hands of the Warriors after such a close game at the end of 2021 isn’t great, especially at home.

6 – Edinburgh Wolves – Prem North (Non-Mover)

Beating Sandwell by a big score isn’t something many teams will struggle to achieve this year I’m afraid but when you compare their away win against Merseyside to Tamworths this weekend they scored almost double the points.

7 – Tamworth Phoenix – Prem North (Down 3)

Our biggest droppers this week. They won however not in very convincing fashion against a team that lost heavily to the Wolves the week before.

8 – Kent Exiles – Prem South (Down 1)

Kent lost heavily to the Aztecs and are really struggling to get going this year so far. Their only saving grace is that the Olympians seem to be struggling more.

9 – London Olympians – Prem South (Non-Mover)

Another heavy loss for the Olympians, this time at the hands of the Solent Thrashers. I see they had a big signing announced this week which might help out a little.

10 – Sheffield Giants – Prem North (New Entry)

A heavy defeat at home to the Titans, however, we still feel they may beat Merseyside and Sandwell at this time.

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