Chris Tebbutt’s Betting Tips -NFL Week 1

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(All odds accurate at time of tip creation and are subject to change)

Bills to Win The Superbowl- 10/1 

We might as well go big early, and the odds are only going to get worse. I have the newly extended and highly minted Josh Allen taking the table smashing Buffalo Bills fans all the way to the Superbowl, with Stefon Diggs, Emmanuel Sanders and hopefully Cole Beasley in tow, I believe that all together they will finally find redemption for the Bills after their 4-soul crushing SuperBowl losses in the Nineties.  

James Robinson to rush for over 68.5+ yards and first touchdown scorer- 9.89/1 

The Houston Texans suck, they sucked last year, and they are going to suck hard now. Not a lot of defensive additions to their roster. Whilst the Jags have added lots to their offensive side but with Travis Etienne now out for the season it lays on the shoulders of James Robinson to rush for the Jags and this week, they are up against the team that allowed for the most rushing yards against them last year in the Texans and considering that Robinson averaged over 75 yards a game last season, this one looks tasty to me.  

Steelers/Bills and Packers/Saints Over – 2.63/1 

Simply a numbers pick here, both teams last year hit the over more than they didn’t. Steelers hit it 53.3%, Bills 66.7% and then Saints 55.6%, Packers 61.1% of the time. Purely Numbers. 

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