European League of Football: Southern Confrence

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Written by James Morris

Have you got a day off on Sunday? Did training finish early?

Well, turn your eyes to the ELF for your Football fix and to help you get to know the teams we are looking at the Southern ELF conference.

Barcelona Dragons

Taking their name from the old NFL Europe team, there was much anticipation around the Dragons inaugural season in 2021. Despite getting hot late, their 3-7 record left many disappointed Catalans.

However, after a busy off-season from the front office, the Dragons are looking far more fiery this year.

Wide receive Kyle Sweet is paving the way with his admirable route running ability in the receiving yards category, he of course couldn’t do this without the arm of dual-threat QB, Zach Edwards.

However, it is not just the offense which shows up in Barcelona – the high-flying LB Antony Rodrigues has clocked up 43 tackles ranking him 5th in the league and the pick machine Jordi Brughani tied first with three interceptions. These amazing feats of course couldn’t have been achieved without Head coach and ex-NFL coach Andrew Weidinger.

Their eye-catching green red and white uniform is amplified by the noticeably loud crowd, there is no doubt that this coupled with their aerial threat and punishing defense is the reason they are undefeated in the southern conference.

Rhine Fire

Hailing from the southeast of Germany is the Rhine Fire, taking their name from the former NFL Europe team which won two World Bowls and often finished top of the table there was much anticipation of their EFL appearance.

With arguably the best coach in the league in their head coach, Jim Tomsula, and a more than handy QB in Matt Adam they are poised nicely this year to be a firm favourite to challenge Barcelona at the top of the table.

Enriched with GFL 1 talent this Fire team has some shown that they are not like the other good teams, they are switched on and ready for the fight amongst the best teams. Backed by their 31,514 capacity stadium I’m sure this team will be one to keep your eye on all the way to the
end of the season.

Cologne Centurians

Cologne opened their account last season in the ELF with a league MVP and their GFL QB averaging 32 points a game which included a thrilling 60 – 51 point defeat in the second to last game of the season against the Dragons.

The Red Black and White of the Centurions this year have unfortunately not gelled as well as they did the year prior. Despite head coach Frank

Roser retaining both Jan Weinreich and reigning MVP Mardre London the Centurions defence are yet to show their best, average 40 points a game!

Currently, the Centurians are on a 3 game-losing streak I’m sure they will find a way to rectify their leaking defence but it’s a matter of how quick..

Istanbul Rams

Lastly in the Southern Conference, we come to the Istanbul Rams, however, I’m afraid to say this is a far less pretty story.

As the only team averaging more points conceded than the Centurians the Rams have serious struggles in their secondary. To back this up they have the worst scoring offense in the league with 11 points a game coming up in their favour.

The Rams have parted ways with key coaches and players in hopes of turning around their losing ways.

This new addition to the EFL wasn’t expected to set the world alight with their travel requirements being so much longer than the other squads, however, I think few would predict that their squad would struggle as much as they have.

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