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If The Playoffs Started Tomorrow

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Now that we are a fair way through the season teams in Britball will be starting to think about playoffs and who they could possibly be looking at facing. Some teams ban the ‘P’ word until they are confirmed a spot but as we don’t here is a look at how things stand.

Rules for standings:
Record, Head-to-Head, Points against per game


The easiest division and there are 4 clear teams even at this point in the season. If it was to stay the way it is, it would be set up for some cracking games.

#1 London Warriors v #2 Tamworth Phoenix
A rematch of the 2019 Britball final wouldn’t be a half-bad game.

#1 Manchester Titans v #2 Bristol Aztecs
Now this would make a tasty matchup.

Division 1

These Division’s playoffs are sadly set up so the North and South stay separate until the final. It does however still set up some decent matchups as it stands.


#1 Northumberland Vikings v #2 Chester Romans
#1 Leicester Falcons v #2 East Kilbride Pirates


#1 Hertfordshire Cheetahs v #2 Bournemouth Bobcats
#1 London Hornets v #2 Cambridgeshire Cats

The North is a good mix from both divisions and the South’s games look pretty high potential matchups as well.

Division 2

These Divisions’ playoffs have changed this year to be only the winners of each division going to the playoff spots, so there is really no room for error for each team looking to win their division. Again, this division don’t meet North and South until the final.


#1 Scunthorpe Alphas v #4 Staffordshire Surge
#2 Highland Stags v #3 Darlington Steam


#1 Bristol Apache v #4 Norwich Devils
#2 Northants Knights v #3 East Essex Sabres

One thing that’s notable here is a few matchups that won’t have ever been seen before which is intriguing.

One thing is for certain there is a lot of games left to go this season so this may change as we go through the weeks!

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