Introducing: Britball Stat of the Week

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It was a big moment for fans worldwide last weekend, as the biggest entertainment spectacle in history is finally back. Featuring political scheming, violent battles, mercenaries from across the ocean and a brave band of men from the North who know they must eventually face a seemingly unstoppable foe…

Yep, Britball’s back, baby!

To celebrate the return of everyone’s favourite way to spend a Sunday, we’re launching a new feature here, the Britball Stat of the Week. Because Britball is very well balanced and games are always competitive and close run, we need your help to find these fun little gems buried in the box score.

You know the ones, wide receivers posting 200 yard games off of just 3 catches, running backs with 4 touchdowns and 5 fumbles on 9 carries, a QB throwing more completed passes to the opposition than to his own team – all the Britball classics we love so much.

If you’ve got an example from this weekend’s fixtures, let us know. We’ll pick our favourite and spotlight it, so that everyone can laugh at your mate who dropped an easy pick on 3 consecutive plays.

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