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Sunday Night Football Review: Baltimore Ravens vs Miami Dolphins

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Okay, so who actually took my prediction as fact and ran with it then? It was quite the come-up story for the Miami Dolphins, who defeated the Baltimore Ravens narrowly by 42-38.

The news was all about Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who made six passes for a touchdown during the game, sealing a historic comeback in the fourth quarter. Tagovailoa helped stun the Baltimore Ravens, despite a game for the ages for quarterback Lamar Jackson.

The Ravens had built up a 35-14 lead after three quarters, after quarterback Lamar Jackson tossed passes to wide receiver Rashod Bateman, tight end Mark Andrews, and also claimed one himself in a rushing play. Jackson is also the first player to have a 75-yard passing touchdown and 75-yard rushing touchdown in the same game.

This game looked dead in the water for the Dolphins by the fourth quarter, until Tua Tagovailoa and the vertical passing game decided to arrive. Tagovailoa threw four touchdown passes in the quarter alone, including one to win the game overall in the dying seconds.

The turning point came with 7:47 left to play in the quarter, when Tagovailoa threw a 48-yard touchdown pass to Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill. This cut the defecit to just 35-28, with a comeback within touching distance for the Dolphins.

The Ravens defence continued to do their best, but they were no match for a reinvigorated Dolphins offence, as the next drive tied the game 35-35. Tagovailoa produced magic once again with Hill, as he passed the ball 60 yards for yet another touchdown.

However, the moment everybody is still talking about is Tagovailoa’s pass to wide receiver Jaylen Waddle in the dying seconds to lead the game 42-38. This is the first time Dolphins had been ahead all game, and what a time to do it!

The scramble from Tagovailoa, the leap from Waddle – it was the perfect ending for every Dolphins fan who was watching. However, Ravens fans will be disappointed with their team for not being able to hold onto such a strong lead until the very end.

Momentum was with the Dolphins in the final quarter, and Ravens safety Marcus Williams dropped a precious interception opportunity in the second half to cut this momentum short. The Ravens offence dropped off by the final quarter, finishing with just three points in this half compared to the Dolphins whopping 28 points in the last minutes of the game.

There is still hope in both sides, as Lamar Jackson remains a shining light for the Ravens, and Tua Tagovailoa showing he is more than capable of being a franchise quarterback. The Dolphins (2-0) host the Buffalo Bills (2-0) next Sunday in an AFC East battle.

The Ravens (1-1) travel to Foxborough to face the New England Patriots (1-1) next Sunday.

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