Teams Pull Together To Propose Changes in BAFA EGM

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Nineteen teams have banded together to force BAFA to host an EGM (Emergency General Meeting) in order to address some of the topics that have been irritating clubs during the 2022 BAFA season as well as some points that impact Uniball.

People who are involved feel that BAFA has lost touch with clubs on the ground and look at this EGM as an opportunity for BAFA to reach out and re-establish a connection with clubs.

The nineteen teams in question have put together a structure of proposals they wish for BAFA to respond to:

Proposal 1: Domestic American Football league competition shall be prioritised by the Board and its competition management above any other objective of the Association.

Proposal 2: The League structure and schedule shall be determined and published to all member clubs no later than 1st December in the year preceding the year of competition. Failure to achieve this shall result in the Board dismissing the Competition Manager and taking such steps to ensure the structure and schedule is issued by the 1st January.

Proposal 3: The available weeks for League Competition shall be extended and maintained at a minimum of 16 weeks (April to July) and the Coaches Convention shall be moved to coincide with the BAFRA Convention in the first week of April. This will leave one weekend for National Team activities which will otherwise take place on Friday/Saturday of a competition weekend. This will allow for a sufficient spread of fixtures to enable player recovery and the availability of Officials crews at all levels.

Proposal 4: Now that BUCS players are no longer registered through BAFA the registration year shall be altered back to April to March. This will allow pre-season training to be covered by the preceding years membership removing the risk of unregistered training. Between January and March each year there will be a £10 Pre-season category of membership to cover newcomers and those unregistered returning to the sport. Once the new season starts these members will need to convert to full membership by paying the full membership fee. To bridge the gap 2022 membership shall be extended to the 31st March 2023.

Proposal 5: The Association is instructed to negotiate a new insurance policy that does not require UK residency (as we had previously, which will allow teams to have imported players putting us on an equal footing with European Leagues). Each team should then be restricted to a maximum of 5 North American/Mexican imports. The league will no longer have a strict amateur status.

Proposal 6: The Red and Yellow card punishment process for forfeited games which was withdrawn without consultation in the 2022 shall be reinstated. This will return integrity to the league and protect playing clubs from rogue clubs.

Proposal 7: BAFA will not action the BUCS All-Star game on a BAFA League competition weekend but will instead request that it is helped on a Wednesday just as the BUCS finals are.

The proposals look to implement changes and revert some mandates back to what has worked in the past. It was sent to BAFA on June 24th and in accordance with the Articles of Association, BAFA now must call an EGM by July 8th and host the EGM by July 15th.

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