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Uniball Power Rankings Week 14: Divison 1

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The Superbowl isn’t the only high stakes football happening at the minute, Divison 1 uniball is where it is at and I won’t have anyone tell me any different.

1 – SGS Pride – South Western 1

Instead of number 1, let’s call this the SGS Pride spot.

They just keep winning and keep scoring, undefeated, unmatched.

The Pride sit with 12 Bucs points and a +284 point differential, second only to the UWE Bullets by 6 points.

All I hope is someone in the playoffs does something to give this squad a challenge.

2 – Hertfordshire Hurricanes – Southern 1

Given these rankings are based on BUCS score, the Hurricanes 11 BUCS points places them second here.

Fighting to get back into the prem the Hurricanes are doing everything they can to get back there but due to that odd BUCS score, they boast the playoffs are there’s already.

But they have to get through the Portsmouth Destroyers or hope for a Royal Hollaway Bears Loss to clinch the top spot of Southern 1

3 – Newcastle Raiders – Borders 1

10 BUCS points and a +144 point differential for the undefeated Newcastle side, currently staring down 3 more games the Raiders are going to be looking towards the playoffs already.

Between the Raiders are the 3-2 Edinburgh Predators, 3-4 Northumbria Mustangs & the 1-5 Hull Sharks. We’ve seen upsets in other divisions so could these squads threaten the Raiders undefeated season.

4 – Sheffield Hallam Warriors – Northern 1

In a division that looked like it was Manchester’s, the Sheffield Hallam Warriors have shown that isn’t the case as they have clinched the Northern 1 Divison.

Going 5-2 with 10 BUCS points and a +119 differential and considering the second-place Sheffield Sabres have 7 BUCS points and the 5 BUCS point Manchester Tyrants & Debry Braves all have one game left, the Northern 1 Divison belongs to Sheffield.

5 – Brunel Burners – South Eastern 1

The South Eastern 1 Divison has been one of the most hotly contested Divisions in uniball.

The Burners currently lead going into week 15 but the Immortals & Vipers are hot on their tail as all have 8 BUCS points but the Burners just have a higher point differential.

The Burners sit on +80, the Vipers have +34 whilst the Immortals have only +8,

The South Eastern 1 is still up for grabs as the Burners have 2 games left while the Vipers & Immortals have 3 games left each including one game against each other which could prove vital for their race to the top.

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