40 Year Veteran Asks For Name To Be Removed From Team’s Hall of Fame After AGM Votes Him Out

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Andrew “Snake” Day who has been associated with the Oxford Saints for forty years has been voted out of the club, labelling the action a “underhanded” and “disgusting” as calls for his removal were brought up in the “any other business” section of the AGM.

After his removal Day posted his thoughts online which included his interventions to surrender his Oxford Saints Hall of Fame Plaque.

Day writes:

“I will be returning my hall of fame plaque and will ask to be struck from it, it means nothing to me anymore. It’s not the club that Steve Abbott, Roger, BJ and Jammo built anymore. It’s a club full of snakes and snides and people plotting in the shadows. We used to be such a lovely family club.”

“That’s been slowly torn down over the last few years. No recruitment done at all, I’ve been given an ageing squad, no coaching staff and then been made the scapegoat by people trying to further their own interests and divert the blame from them. I’ve been fighting a loan battle the last few years to keep the core values of the club but the snides have finally achieved their goal.”

“I never thought they would stoop quite as low as to hold a vote to oust me at an AGM that only had 16 in attendance, the vote was not on the minutes of the AGM, it was sneaked in as a motion in ‘other business’, so 3 quarters of the team knew nothing about the vote and the people in attendance at the AGM were told not to say anything so 3 quarters of the team didn’t know the vote had happened after it either.”

“Underhanded, disgusting behaviour and the founders of the club will be turning in their graves. I will be returning my hall of fame plaque as the club no longer represents the values I served for 40 years.”

“What they should’ve done is formed a new committee at the AGM and then the new committee should’ve met with me to discuss my future. They sneaked this vote in knowing full well that if it was on the minutes then it wouldn’t have seen the light of day. I’m ashamed to be associated with this club now, these are not the values the club was built on.”

We reached out to Oxford Saints who said:

“Sorry, but no official statement at this time, there are still ongoing discussions. We will update as soon as possible.”

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