BAFA Still Has Not Confirmed The Playoffs Dates For NWFL Division One

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The NWFL season is on hiatus for a few weeks as the GB Lions set their eyes to Finland to try and bring home the world championship, but the season still isn’t over when they get back.

Some teams have only one tournament left, others have more but the playoff picture for Divison One of the NWFL is still very foggy as they have no date to plan around as of yet, though some dates have been mentioned nothing concrete has come through and left some teams in a pickle in terms of creating a plan for travel or training.

We spoke to one head coach who wants to remain anonymous, who had this to say:

“I’ve got players needing to book time off work. Half the dates they advised I don’t have quarterbacks for because we were told dates that have now changed and they are on holiday.”

“I am expecting a medical procedure any time around then which isn’t ideal as an HC so being able to at least know when I need potential cover would be helpful.”

Edinburgh Wolves Offensive Co-ordinator Cat McDougall said this:

“It’s disappointingly consistent with the management of the league. My frustration and anger comes from having to face our players who pay to play, dedicate so much time and effort, have worked so hard for their undefeated record – just to be told that there’s no guarantee or information about the opportunity to get to finals.”

“We have students and parents in difficult situations trying to juggle priorities and being held in limbo is very stressful. We’re trying to build the women’s league but players are asking what’s the point in playing if this is how it’s handled?”

And Chairperson of the Wolves, Lynsey Llywellyn had this to say:

“It’s beyond disappointing on many levels. To be at this point in the season and have no details is running the risk that we may not even be able to attend.”

“3 of 5 options put to teams would mean overnight stays of maybe 2 nights, plus travel to London from Edinburgh which quite frankly we can not afford or have reasonable time to fundraise.”

Hopefully BAFA can sort it all out promptly, as more days go past without confirmation the struggle for the teams involved grows.

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