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BAFACL Power Rankings 2022 – Division 1 – Week 12

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Division 1 what are you trying to do to me!

1 – Northumberland Vikings – NFC 1 North (Non-Mover)

A straightforward win for the Vikings this week against the Tigers keeps them in top spot.

2 – Leicester Falcons – NFC 1 South (Non-Mover)

The Falcons took the Bulls apart this week 55-0, they secure the division title and now will look to be in the best position possible come playoff time.

3 – East Kilbride Pirates – NFC 1 North (Non-Mover)

Another straightforward win for EKP this week as they shut out the Lancashire Wolverines.

4 – Yorkshire Rams – NFC 1 North (Non-Mover)

The Rams offence put on a show in the first half against Inverclyde. They will be looking to bigger games coming soon.

5 – Cambridgeshire Cats – SFC 1 East (Up 1)

The Cats ran out a big lead against the Hornets but were almost reeled in. However, the 5 point differential gives the Cats the head to head on points so they will take the top spot in the division.

6 – Chester Romans – NFC 1 South (Down 1)

A loss away to the Nottingham Caesars is a little bit of a shock after they won 62-28 at home earlier in the season. It doesn’t stop them making the playoffs if they win out though.

7 – Hertfordshire Cheetahs – SFC 1 West (Non-Mover)

No game this week

8 – London Hornets – SFC 1 East (Non-Mover)

A loss at home and dropping their top spot in the division is a shame but not enough to move them down the rankings. They ran the Cats close.

9 – Rushmoor Knights – SFC 1 West (Non-Mover)

A solid win for the Knights over Oxford and they are suddenly looking like contenders in Division 1 again over the last 2 weeks.

10 – Nottingham Caesars – NFC 1 South (Non-Mover)

A great win against the 6th-rated Romans at home keeps them in the rankings but isn’t enough to move them up any positions for now. The Romans still hold the head to head here but Nottingham will be looking for them to slip up.

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Bournemouth Bobcats

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