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BAFACL Power Rankings 2022 – Division 1 – Week 13

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1 – Leicester Falcons – NFC 1 South (Up 1)

Back to the top for the Falcons after Northumberland lose convincingly to the Rams. How much will losing one of their star players affect them through the rest of the season.

2 – Northumberland Vikings – NFC 1 North (Down 1)

They drop a spot however they still hold head-to-head over the rams and the pirates. Home field advantage at this point could be big in the playoffs.

3 – Yorkshire Rams – NFC 1 North (Up 1)

The Rams offence put on a show at home again and their defence stopped a high-powered Vikings offence. They need to beat EKP for playoff football.

4 – East Kilbride Pirates – NFC 1 North (Down 1)

Another straightforward win for EKP this week as they beat the Tigers, but it wasn’t exactly a blowout. To beat the rams away from home they will need to up their game.

5 – Cambridgeshire Cats – SFC 1 East (Non-Mover)

The Cats win on the road again against the second London team in 2 weeks. A run in all the way to the playoffs will set them up well.

6 – Chester Romans – NFC 1 South (Non-Mover)

No game this week.

7 – Hertfordshire Cheetahs – SFC 1 West (Non-Mover)

A win against the tough South Wales Warriors at home keeps the Cheetahs in the driving seat for playoff football.

8 – London Hornets – SFC 1 East (Non-Mover)

A solid win at home for the Hornets over the Spartans keeps them at 8.

9 – Rushmoor Knights – SFC 1 West (Non-Mover)

A shutout win away from home over the dreadnoughts for the Knights.

10 – Nottingham Caesars – NFC 1 South (Non-Mover)

An easier win for the Caesars this week. They will have one game on their mind now and that will be the return against Leicester.

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