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BAFACL Power Rankings 2022 – Division 1 – Week 16

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Division 1 loves an upset!

1 – Leicester Falcons – NFC 1 South (Non-Mover)

The Falcons still manage to put up big numbers on the Shropshire Revolution. They are likely to face the Northumberland Vikings in the playoffs.

2 – Northumberland Vikings – NFC 1 North (Non-Mover)

The Vikings retain their place at number two. Although they lost away to the Rams they still hold the head-to-head over EKP.

3 – East Kilbride Pirates – NFC 1 North (Up 1)

The Pirates go into the Rams house and not only beat them but don’t let them score a single point. A statement win to pretty much secure the division title and likely set up a meeting with either the Chester Romans or Nottingham Caesars in the playoffs.

4 – Yorkshire Rams – NFC 1 North (Down 1)

The Rams offence has put up big numbers at home, however, they didn’t manage a single point against EKP. They have had a great season and likely finish 7-3 this year. Unfortunately, they will miss out on the playoffs unless the Vikings slip up massively.

5 – Rushmoor Knights – SFC 1 West (Up 4)

This team seems like they are on a surge at the moment, they beat a good South Wales Warriors team 33-0 at the weekend and only a few weeks earlier topped the Hertfordshire Cheetahs away from home. A team to watch out for in the playoffs.

6 – Cambridgeshire Cats – SFC 1 East (Down 1)

I mentioned on our Friday show that the Cats would have to be careful against Wembley at home. They struggled to put up points and ended up losing to the Stallions. As long as they don’t slip up in the last game of the season they will still make the playoffs as a top 2 seed.

7 – Hertfordshire Cheetahs – SFC 1 West (Up 1)

Another week and another win for the Cheetahs. Their defence again kept an opponent to zero. They still have to keep their wits about them for the last 2 games of the season.

8 – Chester Romans – NFC 1 South (Down 2)

The Chester offence looked red hot at the start of the season but has slowed down considerably as the season’s went on. They still need Leicester to do them a favour if they want to make the playoffs.

9 – London Hornets – SFC 1 East (Non-Mover)

A close win for the Hornets this weekend. The loss by the Cambridgeshire Cats gives them an opening to win the division again.

10 – Nottingham Caesars – NFC 1 South (Non-Mover)

A 30-6 win for the Caesars over the Spartans. They just need to win out and they are in, although Leicester stand in their way.

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