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BAFACL Power Rankings 2022 – Division 1 – Week 5

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1 – Leicester Falcons – NFC 1 South (Non-Mover)

The Falcons with an easy win against the Bulls. Not as big of a score as we expect from them but a shutout.

2 – East Kilbride Pirates – NFC 1 North (Non-Mover)

Well, well, well, the East Kilbride Pirates stop the Rams free scoring offence and I’m not shocked. The Pirates haven’t conceded more than 21 points in at least 5 years.

3 – Yorkshire Rams – NFC 1 North (Non-Mover)

The Rams finally come up against a top Division 1 opponent and although they didn’t score a load of points, they gave East Kilbride a game.

4 – Chester Romans – NFC 1 South (Non-Mover)

Chester put up 50 points on their long-term rivals Halton. Their defence held much stronger this week and only gave up 6 points on the road.

5 – Northumberland Vikings – NFC 1 North (Non-Mover)

No game this week

6 – Rushmoor Knights – SFC 1 West (Non-Mover)

No game this week

7 – Hertfordshire Cheetahs – SFC 1 West (Non-Mover)

No game this week but move up due to results elsewhere

8 – London Hornets – SFC 1 East (Non-Mover)

The Hornets move up due to the fact they topped the Cats in Game 1. The Cats topped Wembley who were at 7 so they deserve to move up for now.

9 – Cambridgeshire Cats – SFC 1 East (Non-Mover)

The Cats have found their groove the last couple of weeks after the loss in Week 1. They are the first team to put up points on Wembley and they defeated them 18-14.

10 – Wembley Stallions – SFC 1 East (Down 3)

A close loss to Cambridgeshire drops Wembley down 3 places. It seems harsh but other results mean the teams above have better records.

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