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BAFACL Power Rankings 2022 – Division 1 – Week 7

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1 – Leicester Falcons – NFC 1 South (Non-Mover)

The Falcons win on the road at the Chester Romans. After a shootout in the first game this was a much more low scoring affair.

2 – East Kilbride Pirates – NFC 1 North (Non-Mover)

Another win for EKP as they shutout the Tigers with a 38-0 win. Something tells me their starters won’t have played a lot yesterday.

3 – Yorkshire Rams – NFC 1 North (Non-Mover)

No game this week.

4 – Chester Romans – NFC 1 South (Non-Mover)

Must closer affair with Leicester at home keeps the Romans at 4 in our rankings. It’s hard to move them any lower on our rankings when Leicester are number 1.

5 – Hertfordshire Cheetahs – SFC 1 West (Up 2)

This Week was a huge win for the Cheetahs. After not looking particularly good on offence through their first 2 games they put up 25 points on the road against the highly ranked Knights. A very tough defence and more production on offence could see them challenge the top 4.

5 – Northumberland Vikings – NFC 1 North (Down 1)

It seems extremely harsh to drop the Vikings a spot this week after they put 70 points on Lancashire, however, the Cheetahs now have a better win on the books and although they share a result with the Rams against EKP, their game was at home whereas the Rams were away.

7 – London Hornets – SFC 1 East (Up 1)

The Hornets continue to win and climb up the rankings again this week. They stay undefeated so far this season.

8 – Rushmoor Knights – SFC 1 West (Non-Mover)

A rough week for Rushmoor with them losing at home and other results around the league dropping them 2 spots. Still a long way to go in this season but they find themselves at 8th this week.

9 – Cambridgeshire Cats – SFC 1 East (Non-Mover)

No game this week.

10 – Wembley Stallions – SFC 1 East (Non-Mover)

After being 3-0 and not having conceded a point the Stallions lose 2 on the bounce, this time to an un-ranked team. They are lucky to keep their spot this week.

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Nottingham Caesars – NFC 1 South

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