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BAFACL Power Rankings – Division 2 – End of season

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1 – Bristol Apache – SFC 2 West (Up 2)

At home to the closest team they have in their division and the Apache blow them away. They have looked good all season, but they will now play Norwich at home in the quarters.

2 – Northants Knights – SFC 2 North (Non-Mover)

Northants finally get to play a game and they blow the rust off by hammering the Storm. Into the playoffs against East Essex they go.

3 – Norwich Devils – SFC 2 East (Down 2)

In the last game of the season the Norwich Devils give up their perfect season and seeding and now must travel to Bristol.

4 – Highland Stags – NFC 2 North (Non-Mover)

The Stags finished their campaign last week with a win over the Roughnecks to keep their season undefeated. They will now host the Surge at Mordor.

5 – Scunthorpe Alphas – NFC 2 East (Non-Mover)

The Alphas have a comfortable win over their closest rivals the Lincolnshire Bombers. They will host the Steam.

6 – Darlington Steam – NFC 2 East (Non-Mover)

The Steam concluded their season last week due to a cancelled game this week. A week’s rest will have done them well before they go to Scunthorpe in the quarter-finals.

7 – East Essex Sabres – SFC 2 South (Up 1)

The Sabres round out their season undefeated and secure a home game in the playoffs. They will host the Northants Knights.

8 – Lincolnshire Bombers – NFC 2 South (Down 1)

The Bombers lose their game to the Alphas and but they still had a solid season after last year. They will go into the offseason with high hopes of recruitment for next year.

9 – Gateshead Senators – NFC 2 East (Up 1)

Senators only lost out on the playoffs by 2 points on H2H. They had a great season again and jump up one spot to end the season.

10 – Somerset Wyverns – SFC 2 West (Down 1)

The Wyverns finish their season with a heavy loss at home to Bristol, but that’s no shame. They finish the season 6-2 and that should give them great confidence.

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