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BAFACL Power Rankings – Division 2 – Post Playoffs

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A little bit of an unexpected playoffs in division 2 to most but Chris was spot on with his prediction. Let’s see where we think these leaves everyone across the leagues.

1 – Bristol Apache – SFC 2 West (Non-Mover)

The division 2 champions were the best team this year. They came up against a physical stag’s teams and managed to win with their strong ground game and defensive adjustments.

2 – Highland Stags – NFC 2 North (Up 2)

The stags managed to beat Scunthorpe at home in the semi-finals and lead the final at the half. Their production on offence was nullified by the Apache but this team can be proud of their achievements.

3 – Scunthorpe Alphas – NFC 2 East (Up 2)

The Alphas travelled up to Highland and gave them a very close game. They can be extremely proud of their year in the league and will be aiming to get home field advantage next year.

4 – Northants Knights – SFC 2 North (Down 2)

The Knights managed to topple the East Essex Sabres (just) in the quarterfinals. They then cam up against the eventual winners in the semi-finals and struggled for offence. Recon with more regular season games and some tougher opponents they will now see what they need for next season.

5 – Norwich Devils – SFC 2 East (Down 2)

Not quite sure what to make of Norwich after being unbeaten until the last game then going to the quarterfinals and apparently being missing starting quarterback and 3 starting offensive linemen seems wild. They need to plan to be in the playoffs next year if they want to try and win division 2.

6 – East Essex Sabres – SFC 2 South (Up 1)

The Sabres had the home field advantage in the quarterfinals but just got squeezed out by the knights. It’s a huge improvement for the Sabres and they will look to continue upwards next season.

7 – Darlington Steam – NFC 2 East (Down 1)

The steam had a good season but struggled coming up against top defences. They need to add some pieces to their offence for when these teams show themselves next season.

8 – Somerset Wyverns – SFC 2 West (Up 2)

The Wyverns lost to the Apache by same or less margins than some of the playoff teams and now the Apache are gone from the division. Look for these guys next season to be in the mix for a playoff run if progression continues.

9 – Lincolnshire Bombers – NFC 2 South (Down 1)

The Bombers went from looking poor in the weird covid season to running the Alphas close for the division. They will be keen to try and regain the division crown next season.

10 – Gateshead Senators – NFC 2 East (Down 1)

Looks like talk between the Senators and the DC presidents may have broken down which is a shame. They had a good year again and will have some battles with the Steam again next year.

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