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BAFACL Power Rankings – Premiership – Week 3

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1 – London Warriors – Prem South (Non-Mover)

The Warriors had a closer game than perhaps many expected, with a 34-17 win over the Aztecs. But a win is a win and they aren’t moving from the top.

2 – Manchester Titans – Prem North (Non-Mover)

No Game this week

3 – Bristol Aztecs – Prem South (Up 2)

The Aztecs may have lost but it’s the closest game the Warriors have had in a competitive season in some time.

4 – Tamworth Phoenix – Prem North (Down 1)

No Game this week

5 – London Blitz – Prem South (Down 1)

No Game this week

6 – Solent Thrashers – Prem South (Non-Mover)

No Game this week

7 – Kent Exiles – Prem South (Non-Mover)

No Game this week

8 – Edinburgh Wolves – Prem North (Non-Mover)

A 44-0 win for the Wolves over Merseyside. It’s not enough to move them up but its certainly a statement

9 – London Olympians – Prem South (Non-Mover)

No Game this week

10 – Sheffield Giants – Prem North (New Entry)

With the Nighthawks taking such a heavy defeat to the Wolves at #8, they have dropped out making way for the Giants to move into the rankings.

Dropped Out

Merseyside Nighthawks – Prem North

A large home defeat at the hands of the Wolves

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