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BAFACL Power Rankings – Premiership – Week 5

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1 – London Warriors – Prem South (Non-Mover)

Another easy win for the Warriors keeps them at top spot.

2 – Manchester Titans – Prem North (Non-Mover)

The Titans shut out Merseyside on the road while putting up 50. No change for them.

3 – Bristol Aztecs – Prem South (Non-Mover)

Looked like a tough first half, Solent put up a fight and got themselves into the lead but the Aztecs proved too much in the 2nd half and win 43-13

4 – Solent Thrashers – Prem South (Non-Mover)

The Thrashers put up a good first half but just couldn’t hang with Bristol in the 2nd half. They do enough to stay put.

5 – London Blitz – Prem South (Non-Mover)

The Blitz were apparently 34-0 up against the Os in the first half so it looks like they took their foot off the gas in the second half.

6 – Edinburgh Wolves – Prem North (Non-Mover)

Another win against Sandwell away from home was expected. Another shutout and 41 points scored leaves them where they are at.

7 – Tamworth Phoenix – Prem North (Non-Mover)

It was 7-7 at halftime against Sheffield, so either adjustments were made at halftime or they came out with great adjustments.

8 – Kent Exiles – Prem South (Non-Mover)

No shame in losing to the Warriors, and they scored some points.

9 – London Olympians – Prem South (Non-Mover)

Down 34-0 at halftime but they didn’t concede in the second half and apparently had a score called back.

10 – Sheffield Giants – Prem North (Non-Mover)

Another heavy defeat for Sheffield after a very positive first half. What happened in the 2nd half though . ..

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