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Britball Power Rankings – Week 5

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Britball Power Rankings – Week 5

No Covid cancelled games this week but a few that didn’t make it until the end and another London Olympians game that never got out of the starting blocks.

  1. London Warriors (No Change)

In a league of their own by the looks of things the Warriors took the Kent Exiles apart in a convincing 49-0 win. This team just shows no signs of being challenged anytime soon in Britball.

  1. Manchester Titans (No Change)

Just a controlled scrimmage this week that probably did more for the Vikings than the Titans. Although there was no official scoring I believe it was 43-10 looking at the twitter score updates. Manchester seemed to rotate a lot of their players after the first drive outside of the Quarterback.

  1. London Olympians (Up 1)

Up one spot for the Olympians this week. We had them to beat the Blitz in our weekly predictions. The game was called due to adverse weather which means we won’t really know who should be where until they play each other eventually.

  1. London Blitz – (Down 1)

It will seem bizarre to drop Blitz behind a team they were supposed to play this week that was unfortunately cancelled due to weather. The reason is because of how heavily the exiles lost and how close they ran the Blitz twice.

  1. Tamworth Phoenix – (Up 1)

Now first of all Sandwell don’t look like they would last in the Premiership as things currently stand, however, they are classed as a premiership team and Tamworth tore them to bits. The Sandwell defence looked good in areas but was on the field so much. Better play from Tamworths QB and they really got the running game going. Keeping the Steelers to zero is probably the most impressive thing.

  1. Kent Exiles – (Down 1)

This team should feel hard done by dropping as it’s likely that everyone loses heavily to the Warriors, however this is a big loss to another premiership team.

  1. Bristol Aztecs – (Up 1)

Now would the Bulls beat the Sussex Thunder? No, but they would give them a game based on recent results and 2019. The Aztecs took the Bulls to bits in the end even if it did take them a bit of time to get going.

  1. Solent Thrashers – (Down 1)

The Solent Thrashers drop because of the actions of another team which is really harsh but also points out potential things to watch out for going forward. Sussex got beat by Bournemouth, who lost heavily to Rushmoor so that probably means the Solent wins over Sussex weren’t as beastly as we first thought. Sussex have pulled out of a game against Solent this week claiming numbers which having seen their squad size at the start of the season I find hard to believe.

  1. Sheffield Giants – (No Change)

No game this week.

  1. Leicester Falcons (No Change)

They thumped Crewe, no real surprises here but we need to see what they do against Shropshire and Tamworth game 2 to see what they are really made of.

Outside Looking In

Edinburgh Wolves

The Wolves will be playing A LOT closer to home this year and this may allow them to really hammer home their premiership status. Their star Quarterback Jamie Morrison has returned to the ranks and that’s huge for this team. Their first game is in week 6.

Rushmoor Knights

They comfortably beat the Bournemouth bobcats a few weeks back and so that should mean their game against Solent in a couple of weeks’ time should be tasty.

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