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Britball Power Rankings – Week 9

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One game cancelled due to a Covid case, another cancelled for no apparent reason but there was some good football played over the weekend.

What I will say is what are you trying to do to me! Some big changes I know some teams won’t enjoy but I feel that’s where we stand right now. Games this coming weekend may change them big time again.

1. London Warriors (No Change)

No game this week.

2. Manchester Titans (No Change)

No game this week.

3. London Blitz (No Change)

No game this week. A covid case cancelled their game against the Warriors which is a shame. It would have been good to see if they would challenge Manchester for the #2 spot.

4. Tamworth Phoenix (Up 1)

No game this week, however I said Tamworth wouldn’t move until they either dominated Leicester or teams above messed up. Well, the Exiles messed up and allow Tamworth to climb the week before they play the Falcons.

5. Solent Thrashers (Up 2)

Solent take care of business against the Bobcats with plenty of rotation. They jump higher due to the Olympians win over Kent who they already defeated.

6. London Olympians (Up 2)

The Olympians likely get better with time this season and after narrowly losing to the Solent Thrashers they go into Kent’s house and walk away with a 15-13 win. That is enough to move them up a couple of places with Solent on our rankings.

7. Kent Exiles (Down 3)

The Exiles have run the Blitz close twice, then scored early on the Warriors before being comfortably beaten. Then they go up against the Olympians who got trounced by the Blitz only to lose 15-13. . . . it really throws everything up in the air.

8. Bristol Aztecs (DOwn 1)

The Aztecs have every right not to be happy this week but with everything going on and the calibre of teams they have played they have to drop down a spot.

9. Sheffield Giants (No Change)

No game and no change for Sheffield this week, but they take on the Merseyside Nighthawks this weekend and that will be a key indicator to whether they deserve to stay in the top 10 or not.

10. East Kilbride Pirates (New Entry)

No game this week.

Outside Looking In

Merseyside Nighthawks

They stay in the hunt, No game this week, however a huge game for them this week as they take on the Giants. Beat them they will likely move back into the top 10.

Leicester Falcons (Dropped Out Top 10)

A convincing win for Leicester this week. Need to put on another good show against Tamworth to be considered for jumping back into the top 10.

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