Classic Britball Half-Time

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I just wanted to take a minute to delve into the tactics Britball players tend adopt during half-time.

As we know, most teams will gather around in any sort of open space to have a quick debrief after the first half of action is concluded. The coaches usually like to have a 5-10 minute chat about what’s gone on in the game so far and then what needs to be done in the 2nd half. Offence and Defense may then spilt off into their own groups as well. After that is done there’s always a small period where you’ve got nothing to do..

Some players like to get in a power nap, whilst others like to stay active and loose. The power nap is a great tactic but when you finally stand up you feel like you’ve been hit by a car. If you’ve been sat on the floor listening to the coaches for a while it can be very difficult to get going again. 

You’ll get those players that shovel Haribo into their gobs like there’s no tomorrow, and there’s always some 4th stringer necking a can of Monster for no reason. The smokers will unite for a quick puff and a few will head off to the bush for a pee. Some like to just deepthroat bananas whilst others have a full scale meal prepared. It’s a very strange period where for a moment, time stands still. 

You’ll always get that coaches pet who tries to ruin the day and get everyone to partake in some pathetic star jumps and some light jogging. All the linemen absolutely hate his guts.

I was curious to see if anyone else had seen some weird stuff going on at half-tme that would be of interest? Or maybe even had their own routine they would like to share? Also is it halftime, half time or half-time?

Best comment wins an orange slice.

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