European League of Football: Central Division

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When those British ballers post on their insta that they are going to the ELF are you left scratching your head about what that is?

Well, worry no more, because James Morris and Tebbs have devised a plan for you to know more, starting with the ELF Central Division.

Stuttgart Surge

As native Schwaben football fans would say, the best days of the Surge may be in Sacramento. The Sacramento surge was a world league of the American football team and despite only spending two years in the league they won a world bowl in ’92 and had an 11-9 record.

Unfortunately in the two years, Stuttgart has been in the EFL using the same name they can only boast a 2-15 record (at time of writing) so far this year.

Without wanting to just bury Stuttgart it is also worth noting the ticket sales are worrying low this coupled with the’ reshuffle’ of the front office and top players/coaches, you would have to say there is little hope for football fans in the Swabia region.

Frankfurt Galaxy

On the other side of the spectrum we have the Galaxy, last year the champions and this year’s middle-of-the-table ‘maybe’ team.

This may seem like they’ve regressed but there’s reason to believe this is just a blip. The lacklustre start to the season could certainly be attributed to the 7 starters they have lost to injury and the difficult conference they find themselves in.

With no precise team identity (other than Sullivan’s ability to scramble) the Galaxys’ front office are making moves by signing ex-NFL receiver Reece Horn.

With playoff hopes slipping away, Frankfurt fans will be delighted to see some injured players return after the bye weeks. This and the offensive superpower of Sulivan and Horn firing on all cylinders is the only way they will beat teams such as Triol and Vienna.

Raiders Triol

This Austrian team was formed in 1992 and made its EFL debut this year joining the Central division.

Boasting an impressive championship lineage winning one EFAF championship, three Eurobowls and eight Austriabowl victories.

The Raiders have also competed in three exhibition games against US college teams beating the Elmhurst College Bluejays & Iowa Central College whilst losing to the Benedictine Ravens.

The Las Vegas Raiders aren’t just the namesake of the Raiders Triol but have a cooperation deal with the Austrian Side.

Their 2022 is currently going moderately well as they are currently 3-2, losing their first two games against the Vienna Vikings and the Cologne Centurions but then they have made a comeback to win their last three against the Berlin Thunder, Frankfurt Galaxy and earning a 33-0 shutout victory over the Stuttgart Surge.

Under center they have 4-time league MVP Sean Shelton who had a 68% completion rate and 29 TDs last season.

Vienna Vikings

Another team who are brand new to the ELF in 2022, the Vienna Vikings are impressing early with an impressive reign of dominance in the 2022 ELF season.

Before joining the ELF the Vikings have made nine Eurobowls winning four of their appearances including a three-peat between 2004-2007 and holding a record of fifteen Austriabowls.

Their first expedition into the ELF is showing why the Vienna Vikings were considered one of the most feared teams in European American Football, as they currently stand with a perfect 6-0 record, allowing a league-low 72 points against to 207 points for, including a 49-0 shutout victory against the Istanbul Rams.

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