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Written by James Morris.

The ELF season has only a month left and are you looking to get your summer football fix?

Well, today we turn our gaze to the North to look at who represents the teams in the North of Europe.

Hamburg Sea Devils

The Sea Devils may be one of the only familiar names to the casual EFL fan. Last year’s impressive defensive display took them all the way to the finals.

This year they look to be on that same course, as at the time of writing (bye week) they are the highest scoring offence in the defence-dominated northern conference. In line with their conference’s strength, you will find Hamburg’s players in all the defensive stats featuring Kasim Edeball just half a sack behind the leader, Barcelonas’ Fernandez .

This 5-1 team are on a hot streak of 4 wins which is aided by Daniel Brows league-leading 3 picks. This profile would be disregarded if we didn’t mention Glen Tooga and the O-Line, averaging 145 yards and 2 TDs a game they are a force to be reckoned with.

This throwback ground and pound team coupled with the impressive volatile defence show Hamburg as a team raging towards the playoffs once again.

Berlin Thunder

This ‘in the hunt team’ has now twice proven itself to not quite be enough to challenge the top of the table, despite running back Jacques Crawford best efforts, in a microcosm of their franchise’s identity – second to Hamburg. His stats, as impressive as they are, are second to Toonga in every way.

The red and gold of Berlin last year were a spectacle to be seen regardless of their result, with British QB Calvin Stitt and RB Crawford synchronising in harmony to become quite the high-powered offense. They couldn’t retain Stitt this year and as good as Joe Germinerio has performed (5th in the league for total passing yards) they have struggled in the end zone.

Like all teams in the EFL, the Thunder will look towards the second half of the season hoping to improve at o line and find some defensive pieces to keep up with the other top teams as far as points against are concerned.

Wroclaw Panthers

As the only Polish team in the league you would expect the standard of football played by the Panthers to be higher than the rest, and considering the talent pool – this is somewhat true. Wroclaw found themselves in the playoffs last year thanks to the unbelievable display by their quarterback, leading the league in completion percentage, completions and passing yards.

Enriched in Polish success the Panthers set their sights on finding themselves just four more points in a playoff game (they lost by three to Hamburg in last year’s semi-finals.

Adding Malik Stanley has certainly been a good addition, the young receiver being in the top five for both receiving yards and touchdowns.

This as well as a great line-backer core has certainly put them in the running with Berlin to challenge Hamburg once again.

If the Panthers want real hope in getting to the playoffs they must find a way to score more points, this novel take may seem facile but they rank in the bottom four in points scored whereas their expectations should be to be in the top four. The Panther’s play-off hopes are sliding quickly.

Leipzig Kings

This is a strange one, Leipzig started the season looking like the Istanbul Rams but winning two from three after a front office and quarterback change they are looking more threatening.

The green and gold of the Kings have certainly established themselves as a defensive team who look poised to cause an upset in the second half of the season.

Having signed new QB – Team USA Allstar – Connor Miller and the already dominant A.J. Wentland playing as well as ever you can be sure that Leipzig could defiantly go on a streak, unfortunately for them however this is more than likely too little too late. Having only won two games this pretty much has ruled them out of playoff contention.

Regardless of their playoff misery I think this team might poise an interesting opponent with mid-table teams which always makes good viewing.  

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