European League of Football: Playoff Picture

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Leipzig Kings 2-6.
Istanbul Rams 1-6
Stuttgart Surge 0-8

With combined three wins I’m afraid these teams are not going to make it.
Stuttgart are winless. Istanbul have beaten the then 5-1 Barcelona Dragons. Leipzig have beaten Berlin and Stuttgart but always finds themselves in close games, even against good teams. Those two teams are going to cause headaches amongst coaches of top teams left playing them.

Still Possible

Cologne Centurions 2-6
Wroclaw Panthers 3-5

These are two very different teams. Cologne started strong beating the Rams and the now hot Raiders but then haven’t won since. Although close in their third game they are now out of form and losing regularly.

However, most would agree that the Panthers seem to be a better team
than this. Their 3-5 record is misleading – inconsistency seems to be the issue. Their QB has a game of the week performance throwing over 400 yards one week and throwing for 120 yards the next.

A combination of a poor run game and their defence struggling seems to be the issue.

For the Panthers to make it to the playoffs they need to win out and every other team in “the hunt” to lose 50% of their game. This is still on for the Panthers but due to their early woes, it isn’t in their hands anymore.

In The Hunt

Berlin Thunder 5-3
Raiders Triol 5-3
Frankfurt Galaxy 5-3
Rhine Fire 4-4

These are four very spicy teams. Each of which are capable of making the playoffs and even knocking their division leaders off.

Out of them all, you would have to lean toward Triol to take the last playoff spot as a wildcard.

However, in their last two games, they have to play both
Frankfurt and the undefeated Vienna Vikings. Rhine have proven twice they are within an inch of beating their division leader, and as the Dragons are only two wins ahead (and with arguably the hardest end to the season) this is my pick for the team who overtakes the division leader.

Division Leaders

Vienna Vikings 8-0
Hamburg Seadevils 7-1
Barcelona Dragons 6-2

Here we have the mighty leaders. First off we have to talk about the dominance of Vienna, snapping the undefeated streak of the Dragons and taking down very strong teams such as Triol and Wroclaw.

They have firmly cemented themselves as the best team in the league and
someone has got to have a mighty strong run of form heading into the playoffs if they want to dethrone them.

Hamburg has somewhat flown under the radar as far as media coverage this year. Only having lost to the dragons during their strong start to the season Hamburg shouldn’t be dismissed.

Although arguably in the weakest division in the league they have to play an upset-ready Leipzig, an underperforming Wroclaw, a strong Barcelona and an impressive Berlin side. I can’t see them losing to three of them (which, if they won all four, would make Berlin the division

But this is an interesting ending to the regular season.

Finally, we have the Barcelona Dragons. With the league-leading passer and receiver, it’s hard to believe that we’re looking at them being dethroned atop the Southern Division. With only two games between themselves and the Rhine Fire, and having to play Hamburg, Vienna and the Fire before the end of the season is a tall order. They play the Surge (hopefully an easy win) and then the Fire coming out of the bye week. You’d have to think that if they win this game the division is pretty much theirs.

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