European League of Football: Week 7 Recap

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Without wanting to sound too fatalistic, this was a must-win game for Berlin. You could even go one step further and say that if Berlin wanted to be a playoff team, they had to win convincingly. On the contrary new Leipzig QB Conor Miller was finding fantastic chemistry with his receivers from the off! Finding the endzone in their first drive and setting up a field goal in the second, Berlin was facing a 9-0 scoreline in the first quarter. After struggling to pass the ball in the first quarter the Berlin QB Thundered down the field with his nimble feet and complemented this with an imposing 52-yard TD pass to Wilzeck leaving the scoreboard 14-9. Wasting no time to further their impressive offensive display, Germinerio and Wilzeck connected yet again with a massive pass to add to the lead before halftime.

Despite their second-quarter drawback, Leipzig showed spirit under the new regime with back-to-back Miller-Jones TDs to put themselves right back in the game. This captivating and consuming offensive ability shows that the changes the Kings made in the last fortnight have really made a difference. Unfortunately, the lack of consistency lost them the game. After the Kings did it, the Thunder replied with a duo of touchdown drives leaving the score 33-22 in the fourth quarter, and regardless of their two time-consuming drives, they were left scoreless and therefore faced defeat at the end of play.

Leipzig put up a heck of a fight but Berlin once again reigned victoriously. What does this mean for the two teams hopes of playing deep into September? The end is still unknown for the Thunder but unfortunately, it is all but over for Leipzig.


In a game chalked up to be a big blow old out, home ticket holders were in for a shock as in the first quarter held 4 turnovers and 0 points. Not the fireworks they may have hoped for.

Despite this the game held inside quite a spectacle for Wroclaw. Jarman had a game with nearly 250 all-purpose yards but he was not the contributor to the scoreboard, S. Radji got in on the action with an impressive strip-sack fumble return for a touchdown. 

In the second half, we saw a similarly miscued game. Although Stuttgart couldn’t get any points on the board you would be hard pushed to say that Wroclaw were the dominating team.

The main reason Stuttgart were so lacklustre was because of their QB’s insistence in throwing the ball 40 yards down the field with no real accuracy to boast, the phrase ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ obviously got lost in translation. 

The Panthers nearly double their average against the winless Surge and with no points coming from one-quarter of this match you would struggle to ask for much more, but having watched it you must wonder how happy the offensive coaches of this Polish team were. I think there is plenty for them to unpick in the bye week. 


Coming into this game we saw two teams similar in the record (2-4, 3-3) but in their previous matchup, the scoreline suggested otherwise.

After an explosive first quarter by Frankfurt thanks to Reece Horn showing he is a reliable chunk play receiver yet again. This paired with the athletic ability of quarterback Sulivan meant Cologne were 13 points down having not scored since their second drive with only one minute left in the half.

Not deterred by this, the veteran gunslinger Jan Weinreich drummed up a double reverse WR pass which ended in a beautiful toe tap catch in the end zone to bring them within 6 going into the changing rooms. 

Cologne must feel somewhat short-changed, as time expired Frankfurt attempted a 60-yard field goal which was both wide and very short. Return man (and responsible for all 14 points in this game so far) Quinen Pounds took that all the way back for a 98-yard return touchdown. Unfortunately, this didn’t count due to a block in the back.

This was rather the sentiment of the second half for the Centurians, finding them selfs not managing to chalk up another point. After the Cologne signal caller threw a handful of turnovers and a pick six we saw the induction of Frankfurt’s second and third-string players. As invaluable as game time is he was unable to get anything going in the second half. With the final score being 14-46 it would be fair to say that yet again the Centurians were dominated by the Galaxy. 

Now at the halfway mark it is definitely surprising to see the Centurions only winning two games, Weinreich and Pounds are connecting as well as anyone in the league efforts must now be focused on establishing the run and stop teams from scoring over 35 points every single game.

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