Exeter Demons Lifting Statue Of Liberty For Good Cause!

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The Exeter Demons are undertaking the mighty challenge of lifting 225 tons, the weight of the Statue of Liberty, for a great cause!

The Statue of Liberty, an iconic American landmark that was originally a gift from the French people commemorating the alliance of France and the United States during the American Revolution. This piece of American history also happens to be extremely heavy at roughly 225 tons. That weight is important, as the Exeter Demons are planning on lifting 225 tons for a good cause, more specifically Hospicare, a charity that helps people live with life-limiting illnesses.

Why are the Exeter Demons going after such a large target and why Hospicare? Lydon Ward-Best is a member of the Demons team and Exeter University. Bronia Rosier, Lydon’s mother, a credit to her local community, died of cancer three and a half years ago. Her son has organised this fundraising event to support the charity that looked after his mother in the last few weeks of her life.

A team of 10 players and coaches will attempt this challenge in just one day, June 25th at Oliver Joseph Fitness gym in Whimple. Lydon has gone to great lengths to make this fundraiser a success, even appearing on the local radio to talk about the feat he and his team are attempting to pull off. All in all they have set a target of £4,000 for the charity but one of the players works for a company that has said they will match the donations up to £1,000 so that could be £5,000 going to Hospicare.

Just to put this challenge into perspective, the Exeter Demons are going to lift 225 tons and our brains don’t know how to properly deal with that epically large number. Instead of the Statue of Liberty they could instead lift 37.5 adult elephants or roughly 112 Land Rovers or 74,277 bricks. A 100kg bench press is reasonably average, to lift the Statue of Liberty that’d be 204 reps for each participant…in a day. Okay, maybe we mix it up and go heavier. Maybe split it between leg press, bench press and deadlift. By my calculations (of an average weight for each lift) each participant would have to do 40 reps on the leg press, 20 deadlifts and 64 reps on the bench press. Still a mighty challenge, so show some support for the Exeter Demons, Lydon and a great cause (don’t kill me if my maths was off!)

If you want to donate to the cause and support a fellow Britballer you can do so with this link!

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