GB U17/19 Head Coach Fired!

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The Head Coach of the Great Britain U17/19 team, Neale McMaster has been fired from the role having held the position for the past 2 years and 9 months. Coach McMaster is the second consecutive Head Coach to be relieved of this position after Coach Jason Henry suffered the same fate back in February 2019.

Regarding Coach Henry’s firing, BAFA stated at the time that they ‘felt a change of direction was required‘. There has been no official statement yet from BAFA regarding Coach McMaster’s firing but we understand that he was officially asked to resign from his position and refused to.

Upon further investigation, it was suggested to us that Coach McMaster has lost the confidence and respect of his coaching staff, some players and some parents. This was driven by a combination of a lack of communication and poor planning. One contact remarked that at a recent GB training session there were no balls or cones.

These are of course alarming things to hear about one of the key national programmes of our sport. It is perhaps more concerning that this role continues to experience change where stability and consistency are needed. BAFA’s Head of National Programmes, Mike Callan, will no doubt be fully aware of this and hopefully we can expect an official announcement from BAFA regarding the way forward soon.

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Len Scott

In the early 90’s I was told that I couldn’t take part in GB coaching because I was considered a maverick due to the fact I played a strange single back spread formation. So short sighted.