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NFL Super Bowl Preview

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Well, there we have it, almost another NFL season in the books which is always a sad time for any American Football fan. This season has been crazy at times and for the neutral that is amazing but for fans of individual teams it’s been a rollercoaster. 

Now it’s time for the big dance and this year its stage is set for Los Angeles new Sofi stadium. Superbowl 56 is set to be a cracker with the Los Angeles Rams facing off against the Cincinnati Bengals in their own stadium. It comes with an all-star cast with the 3-time defensive player of the year Aaron Donald, the League’s best offensive player in Cooper Kupp, Star rookie wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase and the Cincinnati kid Joey Burrow looking to win a Lombardi to add to his national championship and Heisman he already has in his trophy cabinet.  

We’ve not even mentioned Matthew Stafford, who is now 11th all-time in the NFL passing yards ranks and was only second to Brady with 41 touchdown passes this season. 

So, what should we look out for this Sunday evening outside of some beers, snack helmets and a couple of bets? 


Rams D Line v Bengals Oline 

The Bengals offensive line have been a hit or a miss all season with games like the Kansas City Chiefs only giving up one sack and allowing Burrow time to throw, to the game against Titans where they gave up 9 sacks and still won. This Rams defensive line is better than both teams mentioned, and I don’t think they have faced one this good all season. Aaron Donald, Von Miller & Leonard Floyd all will be hunting Burrow all game long. 

Jalen Ramsey v Ja’Marr Chase 

Jalen Ramsey is probably the best all-round defensive back in the NFL. Aside from getting burned deep by Mike Evans on Bradys last ever touchdown throw he is a force to be reckoned with both in the pass and run. He will hit you. He’s been a thorn in DeAndre Hopkins side since he entered the league and that guy rips almost everyone else to bits. He’s going up against rookie sensation Chase who broke all sorts of records this year. The Bengals need Chase to have touches and create big plays so it will be interesting to see if Ramsey shadows him all game. 

Cooper Kupp v Bengals Secondary 

This guy has been unbelievable all season, so I’d be very surprised if he disappears on the biggest stage. I’ve seen a large amount of plays this season where Kupp just seems to be all by himself behind the entire secondary of teams. The Bengals cannot let this guy do that if they want to win. He is going to get targets and catch balls, but you can’t let him be that open. 

Matthew Stafford v Himself 

I’ve a huge amount of respect for Stafford and even as an LSU fan I really want to see him win a ring. He is the ultimate teammate, never moans, never does anything to put himself in the spotlight, but he does try and force throws he doesn’t need to at times. If he plays like he did at points during the season where he slings it about and doesn’t turn it over the Rams have every chance of lifting the Lombardi at the end of the night. 


The Simpsons predicted a Bengals win and honestly, you shouldn’t bet against the Simpsons, however, I’m going to and I think we are looking at 31-17 in Favour of the Rams for this one. 

I would look at bets such as Kupp to score anytime, more than 45 points and even for sack numbers to be above 6 in the game. 

No matter what happens as a neutral this is a Superbowl I think everyone is happy with. 

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