NWFL Playoff Picture: Prem and Division One

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The last regular season tournaments are complete in the NWFL and they came with some surprising results, but with the last games finished we know who is going to be heading into September with a playoff berth and a chance of glory.

(I have been told the playoffs are formatted as 1st seed vs 4th seed & 2nd seed vs 3rd seed, then the winners play in the final)


1 – Birmingham Lions – Premiership South

The Lions have proved over this last season that they are still the untouchable monolith of Women’s Football, with another perfect, undefeated record to add to their years of never being undefeated, they were never shaken apart from a close game with the London Warriors that finished 29-27 to the Lions.

The 2021 Central West Champions are looking to add another piece of hardware to their mantle to cap off another incredible season.

Leeds Chargers – Prem North

The Prem North has been led been all Leeds Chargers, finishing undefeated with a differential of +219. The Chargers have closed games out with double-digit leads over all of their opponents.

Leeds enters the postseason as the second seed and be ready to test their metal against the toughest competition from the South and hopes to bring a Premiership victory to the North.

London Warriors – Prem South

The Warriors have had a fantastic season when they face anyone not called the Birmingham Lions, going 6-2 they have easily accomplished a playoff berth.

Beating everyone else in the Prem South but the Lions, including two shutout victories over the Hertfordshire Cheetahs their biggest result in my mind is the aforementioned 29-27 loss to the Lions, as the Warriors have shown they can damage the seemingly invincible armour of the Lions, but to get that chance they’ll have to overcome the undefeated Leeds Chargers.

Manchester Titans – Prem North

The Titans are looking to replicate the success of their senior team, getting into the playoffs with a double win over the Cheshire Bears and Teesside Steelers in their last tournament.

Finishing 3-5, the Titans might not have the best record going into the playoffs but they can shock the world if they can pull off a victory against the Birmingham Lions and transport the Titans into the final against Leeds or London.

Division One

Edinburgh Wolves – Div 1 North

The Wolves stand head and shoulders above the rest of Division One as during the last tournaments for the Div 1 Central and South the two other undrafted teams had their records sullied, leaving Edinburgh the only undefeated Division One team entering the playoffs.

Even the addition of the Northumberland Shieldmaidens to their division (for the first tournament as they pulled out from future games) didn’t stop the freight train of the Wolves as they beat EKP and the Shieldmaidens in every meeting.

The Wolves have hungered for fresh teams to be put in front of them and the playoffs give the Wolves the chance to show the world they should be in the conversation for being in the upper echelon of NWFL teams.

Peterborough Royals – Div 1 Central

The Royals finish their season 7-1 after a 0-6 loss to the Leicester Falcons at the last tournament in a defensive showcase from both teams, the Royals have been dominant in the Div 1 Central, achieving a 50 burger in three games.

The loss in the final tournament I don’t think is going to lead to dropped heads for the Royals, in fact, I think the Royals losing in their undefeated status in T4 was the worst thing that could happen to the other three playoff sides and the Royals are going to go to the postseason with a burning desire to never taste defeat again.

Portsmouth Dreadnoughts – Div 1 South

The Dreadnoughts the other squad who woke up the day of the 13th of August undefeated and went to bed with a 1 in their loss collum, losing to the Cardiff Valkyries 30-21.

Portsmouth still finish 7-1, however, due to Swindon Storm going with controlled scrimmages instead, the Dreadnoughts have only played league matches with Cardiff, so they will be excited to come out and play competitive football with other squads.

Leicester Falcons – Div 1 Central

All they needed was one win to get into the playoffs in their final tournament, but that one win was a statement heard around the league, as the Falcons defeated the Peterborough Royals 6-0 in a defensive showcase and then went on to beat the Norwich Devils 8-6 in a match that was called early due to the weather.

The Falcons have shown they have what it takes to hang with the top of the division and as the fourth seed, it’s likely they’ll be going head to head with the Wolves in what could be one the game of the weekend.

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