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Picking The Division Winners For The 2022-23 NFL Season

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The NFL season is almost upon us and it will be an exciting one for sure across a number of divisions so picking some division winners is something worth taking a punt on.

So, I decided to look at some of the Divisional winners we would back in the 2022 season. We have covered every division so lets see how they do.

We put together an 8-fold of winners available at odds of £172/1

1. Buffalo Bills to win the AFC East @ 4/9 – Even with the improvement in Miami this offseason, the Bills look like the strongest team going into the season. They have strengthened at positions of need particularly to help them run the ball. This should allow them to see out closer games.

2. Baltimore Ravens to win the AFC North @ 11/8 – his team has everything in place to go and win the AFC North. Their offensive line is huge, Lamar is in the final year of his rookie deal and the entire secondary is healthy. Biggest issue the Ravens have is their lack of pass rushers.

3. Indianapolis Colts to win the AFC South @ 4/5 – The Colts have taken in Matt Ryan to lead their offence, but they still have a top 5 offensive line and Jonathon Taylor in the backfield. They have Michael Pittman in his second year and acquired a speed demon on the outside.

4. Kansas City Chiefs to win AFC West @6/4 – The Chiefs lost last season in the playoffs to the Bengals after an unreal game against the Bills. They have recruited Smith-Shuster and picked up a class corner back. Biggest thing ere is how much does the loss of Hill effect the shorter passes being so open.

5. Philadelphia Eagles to win the NFC East @11/8 – The Eagles defence is disgustingly good on paper at all levels. They have a solid run game and now multiple talented receivers. Hurts may not even have to throw it that much to win games.

6. Green Bay Packers to win the NFC North @ 8/15 – The Packers will have the Vikings for company this year if they can keep other teams from scoring. The Packers are by far the team to beat in this division with a very good offence and defence. Can Rodgers win the MVP again without Devonte Adams?

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win the NFC South @ 2/5 – The only question in Tampa is the offensive line being a bit weaker than it has. They have Brady back, some great receivers and a defence that will still be tough to score on.

8. Los Angeles Rams to win the NFC West @ 6/5 – The Rams have lost very little that they haven’t replaced. The defence has got better if anything but if Stafford’s arm doesn’t hold up they will have a worry.

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