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Saturday Night Lights – Leicester Falcons v Tamworth Phoenix Preview

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This game is being played on a Saturday evening (6pm Kickoff) so it will be on while our show is live. This means we do a preview of the game and it’s set up to be a rematch with several implications within Britball.

First, although technically Leicester are a Division 1 team and Tamworth a Premiership team it’s worth noting that Leicester is probably a Premiership level team that should be in the Premiership and Week 1 they set out to make a point as they narrowly lost 12-7. They had a last series touchdown called back and that sealed the win for the Phoenix. They are to all our knowledge returning their American Quarterback for this game as well and he was clearly a baller.

On the other side of the ball, the Tamworth Phoenix have started clicking on offence and to any team that should scare them. Their defence has been good all season but when you start coupling that with a strong run game and their Quarterback improving as the season goes. They have put up burger/bagels v Steelers, Railroaders & Shropshire since that first game but Leicester is a step up on both sides of the ball.

Key Matchups

Tamworth’s Defence v Leicester’s QB

Let me get one thing straight, one player doesn’t make a team however he does make a huge difference and it will be up to the Tamworth defence to keep him contained in the pocket and not allow him to use his legs.

Tamworth’s QB v Leicester’s Secondary

The Tamworth QB really struggled against the Falcons in Week 1 and he is going up against a team that will have had plenty of time to prepare for his return, this time in their house. I’d expect a lot of noise pre-snap and the DBs to be watching for any errant passes. If he comes out and balls out Tamworth could win this by a decent margin.

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