Sportank Partners With Sideline Labs To Bring Growth To Britball

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Sportank will work with Swedish mobile game developer Sideline Labs in an agreement that will benefit British American Football teams by making more funding available as well as stimulate team growth.

Sideline Labs specialise in sports simulator mobile games and its their latest project, Blitz Football Manager, which lead to conversations with Sportank about being a media partner for the free-to-play new game.

Sportank will help to promote and build a community for the Blitz Football Manager game. This will be through social media graphics and videos as well as a weekly 30 min livestream to provide coverage on competitions and leagues.

In return for this, Sportank have arranged for their fee to go straight into their non-profit arm, The Amelie Fund, where it will be redirected to the ongoing funding of developmental efforts within grassroots American Football in the UK.

Steve Price, Sportank CEO, explained how an agreement was reached between the two parties despite his inherent reluctance to partner Sportank with other companies and organisations. “Sportank have to date been reluctant to enter into partnerships as we are still building out our platform and really wanted to avoid anything that would take our attention away from this goal.

However, after speaking to Gary Weeks, Sideline Labs Communications Manager, it became immediately apparent that this would not be a standard commercial partnership and that Sideline Labs had a genuine interest in growing American Football domestically in a number of countries (including the UK). This clearly aligned to one of Sportank’s main goals and paved the way for an agreement to be made.”

Conditional to the success of the game, Sideline Labs will be looking into ways of helping clubs solidify and expand their teams through promotion in game and in the football community.

Remarking on the Partnership, Sideline Labs’ Gary Weeks had the following to say:

Sideline Labs are really excited to be partnering with Steve and the Sportank team on our Blitz Football Manager IP. During our initial meeting with Steve both he and myself immediately realized that our vision to help grassroots football and the football teams that have helped shape the league over the past 40 years in were perfectly in sync.

We feel that Blitz Football Manager fills a hole in the mobile market and is positioned to gain well over 1 million downloads on both Android and iOS devices. The initial feedback to the game, available as part of the Google Play beta programme, exclusively in the UK at the moment, has been really positive and we’re excited to be able to further develop the game to not only benefit the studio but also football teams in various markets.

Partnering with Sportank helps us build a solid UK fanbase around the game and gives us credibility within the Britball community. As an ex-Britballer, who now coaches in Sweden, I know personally how hard it is to get a football team moving the right direction, whether it be promotion, financial, personnel, the list goes on and if we’re successful in our release are looking help resolve some of these issues.

Our aim, in partnership with Steve and the Sportank team, will be to help promote UK football, as well as other countries, in game and on the ground and would love to invite Head Coaches, board members and even players to contact me on how we can help make this happen.

We’re excited for the future of Blitz Football Manager and the numerous ideas we have on how we can help the numerous communities throughout Europe. We, of course, would love you to enjoy the game too. Our mantra is that we’ve built the game but it will be shaped by the community and with your help and support, as well as Steve and Sportank’s partnership we feel that Blitz Football Manager can last for years, which will not only benefit us but teams looking to push themselves to the next level.

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