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Sunday Night Football Review: San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks

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There will be a bittersweet sense of victory surrounding 49ers fans, as quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo got back to his very best – but it came at a costly price.

Starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, Trey Lance, suffered a broken ankle just two minutes away from the second quarter. With the injury requiring surgery, the newly-instated quarterback is sidelined for the season – I can hear fantasy league teams crying from all corners of the UK now.

However, this injury wasn’t before he helped the 49ers get their first points on the board, throwing diamonds to both Brandon Aiyuk and a pass-off to Tyrion Davis-Price to get them on the goal line. 

49ers placekicker Robbie Gould aimed a 20-yard attempt between the sticks to put the home team ahead. The Seattle Seahawks failed to gain any meaningful yardarge, and so possession was back in Lance’s hands for the second drive of the game.

A hand-off to young wide receiver Deebo Samuel began a mazey run from the star, duking three or four tackles before eventually being brought down – but not before going on a stunning 51-yard jog.

Things were beginning to cook for Trey Lance’s home debut this season, but during a QB keep play, Lance was tackled and landed extremely awkwardly on his ankle. And then, seasoned quarterback Jimmy G was on to stake his claim back in the team.

He made a good pass to Aiyuk, and Robbie Gould added another 3 points to the tally with a 33-yard kick attempt. Once again, the Seahawks were unsuccessful in making their way downfield, and Jimmy G had the ball in his hands once again.

One pass to wide receiver Ray-Ray McCloud gained some good yardage for the 49ers, and then one subtle play had even the cameraman duped. Jimmy faked the hand-off to running back Jeffrey Wilson, and then pinged a perfect pass to tight end Ross Dwelley, who stretched himself to score the first touchdown of the game.

13 and 0 was a worrying score for the Seahawks, who looked desperate to get one talon into this game. Geno Smith eventually made some good yardage with a pass to wide receiver Tyler Lockett. 

The Seahawks couldn’t make enough of their possession however, as a pass into the end-zone was intercepted by Charvarius ‘Mooney’ Ward, who took a short five-yard run to take the 49ers out of danger.

A Kyle Juszczyk power move gave the 49ers another touchdown before half-time, and it took until after half time for the Seattle Seahawks to put some points on the board.

The third quarter started off perfectly for the 49ers, with defensive end Nick Bosa getting the perfect sack on the Seattle quarterback Geno Smith. However, the 49ers moved down the field again, and looked like yet another touchdown was inevitable.

However, Robbie Gould went again for the kick points, but it was intercepted by cornerback Tariq Woolen, and fellow Seahawks cornerback Michael Jackson ran it the length of the field to stick points on the board for the visitors.

But Jimmy Garoppolo put those hopes to bed deep into the fourth quarter, sneaking forward to claim a touchdown of his own with a minute and 51 seconds to go. It was the perfect home game back for the 49ers, and a tough away defeat to take for the Seahawks.

And it also showed that despite the disappointment felt by Trey Lance’s injury, Jimmy G has shown to his team, and to the fans, exactly why he was kept within the squad.

Next up for the 49ers is a trip away to play Denver Broncos, with the Seahawks taking on the Atlanta Falcons at home.

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