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Teb-Bet Tips: Far Too Early NFL Bets

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Like Sainsbury’s in September, I am here to put up my decorations early.

Not for Christmas, for something greater. The start of the NFL season, where we retreat inside on Sunday nights to watch the best football players and the Jets take part in the greatest sport on earth.

And what makes it better? Betting, it’s the only way to make a game between the Panthers and Texans interesting and Paddy Power has released some odds way, way, way too early.

But I am here to use the crystal ball to tell you what to bet on right now whilst the odds are tasty and I will dole out what I think are the pick of the litter.

The odds are all correct at the time of writing.

Miami Dolphins to make the Playoffs – 11/8

Right, hear me out before you start laughing and click off this article.

The Dolphins have narrowly missed the playoffs over the last two years and during the offseason, they have done nothing but bolster the squad.

With the additions of Tyreek Hill and Terron Armstead as well as finally having a running game, I think it’s the Dolphin’s time to finally break through and play some post-season football.

Buffalo Bills to win the Superbowl – 13/2

Roll up, roll up, get your obvious takes here.

Everyone and their mum have this down to be the year that a Lombardi graces the streets of Buffalo, New York.

Despite supporting the Dolphins I do like the Bills and Josh Allen (mainly for his proclivity to say “deez nuts” jokes)

But they have been on a tear for the last few years and it’s finally time that the trigger is pulled, their defence is looking scarier than ever with Von Miller joining the squad and I think it’s time that trophy gets covered in Frank’s Red Hot and served with a side of blue cheese sauce.

Doug Pederson to Win Coach of The Year – 12/1

The former head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles who brought a Lombardi to the city of brotherly love now finds himself fronting the Jags.

Pederson has jumped into a situation where no matter what he does he can only be considered a success compared to the reign of Urban Meyer at Jacksonville.

Despite this I think, Pederson is going to be the key piece that turns the Jags back to the form that made the AFC championship team with Blake Bortles at QB and this feeds into the next betting prediction.

Jacksonville Jaguars to make the Playoffs – 4/1

They splurged in the off-season, they drafted well, and they have a better head coach.

Their division isn’t as cut and dry as it has been for the last few years, the Titans seem to be in a state of flux between Tannehill and Willis as Tannehill is showing he isn’t the big match player they thought he was years ago.

Matt Ryan is washed, congratulations on Taylor dragging the Colts to a 7-8 record.

And we don’t talk about the Houston Texans.

As far as I am concerned the AFC South is open for a change and I think it is going to come from Duval County.

Russell Wilson 2022-23 Season Total Passing Yards – Under 4143.5.

Ah the man who cooks has finally become cooked himself, a cruel irony for the Chef of Seattle.

This has no basis in anything, but I think Wilson is washed and his transfer to the Mile High city will not prove as fruitful as the Broncos fanbase wants, even though Jerry Jeudy’s legal troubles are now wrapped up, I don’t see Wilson being the player he was at the height of the Legion of Boom.

Pittsburgh Steelers Week 1 QB – Kenny Pickett – 6/4

Coach Tomlin loves a good bait and switch, much like how he told everyone Willis was he guys and swooped in to grab the Pitt QB Kenny Pickett in the 2022 draft.

Tomlin will say it’s Rudolph or Big Mitch until the cows come home and then boom, opening weekend say hello to the Steelers QB of the future, the small-handed hometown kid in Kenny Pickett.

AP NFL Regular Season MVP 2022-23 – Justin Herbert 10/1


Don’t be shocked if the AFC Championship game comes down to the Chargers vs Bills.

The Chargers missed the playoffs because of the shenanigans of the Las Vegas Raiders, but you can’t tell me that Herbert isn’t one of the best QBs in the NFL right now and that offence now looks even tastier than last year.

He has developed quickly into a great player, a true gunslinger and though there are other candidates given he sits at 10/1 I think this is gonna be worth a couple of quid.

Bonus Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Las Vegas Raiders – Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars – 21/20

The 5th of August is coming quickly when this game kicks off the 2022 pre-season, which is the real kick-off to the season if you are a real nerd like me.

The Jags have a lot of spicy rookies, many of which I anticipate playing a role in these pre-season games and with Pederson going out there trying some tricky stuff I imagine the Jags will take the lead early and hold it against the Raiders as Carr and Adams watch on from the side-line giggling like schoolgirls.

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