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The Breens 2022 Playoff Predictions

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Now that we are into the post season, we thought we would try and predict the outcome of the upcoming playoff games.

This season has been a little crazy so overall its harder to tell exactly who the best teams are, but we have given it our best shot. Obviously as you will see we don’t agree on everything.

Chris reckons that the London Warriors and the Manchester Titans will face off in the Britbowl final and Sean agrees with him here. Bristol ran London close this season so if Manchester can get past them, you never know. An upset would be Tamworth topping the Warriors and a new Britbowl we haven’t seen before being played.

The Division 1 overall winner is the same here but very different selections for everything else. We are seeing the 3rd game between all sides in this division which is not only quite boring but throws up challenges to the teams to create some new wrinkles to beat each other. In the North the Leicester falcons should take care of Chester as they already have twice this year. The Vikings and EKP share the series, but the Vikings beat the Pirates comfortably away from home. EKP have had a change at QB and he has made a difference so we will see if that continues.

In the South the Rushmoor Knights and Hertfordshire Cheetahs face off having shared the head-to-head almost identically. Sean believes Rushmoor are on a run and Chris believes the Cheetahs defence will step up and keep them on top. The Stallions have beaten the Cats this season near the end of the year and are coming hot at the right time. The Cats have had issues with not being full strength but both Sean and Chris believe if they are at full strength, they win this game.

Stepping into the next round Leicester are still favoured to beat either EKP or the Vikings whereas in the South Sean recons that the Rushmoor Knights will topple the Cats where Chris recons that the Cats will topple the Cheetahs in a ‘BIG CAT’ game.

In Division 2, Sean & Chris have the same out come for the North, believing that a week off due to the SCUMBAG STAFFORSHIRE SURGE and a really long trip for the Scunthorpe Alphas will give the Highland team the advantage.

In the South where Chris believes that Bristol will run it all the way Sean reckons Norwich knew they couldn’t improve their playoff standing in the last week of the season and rested players. TOTAL GUESSWORK but something doesn’t add up. East Essex Sabres are still being underestimated by both Breens because of their division and although Northants have played little games, they have looked good when they have played.

A Bristol/Norwich v Northants semi-final sounds tasty and both Breens reckon the winner of that matchup will take home the Division 2 title.

The worst thing here is that one wrong prediction ruins everything but that’s part of the fun.

Good luck to all teams in the playoffs!

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