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The Breens Britball Awards 2022

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Some You Want, Some You Don’t

There was some very good moments came of this year and we feel like they should be highlighted. We put together a list of what we thought were worthy accolades. So, here’s our awards and the winners.

Programme of the Year – Bristol

First of all, I know all mentioned below don’t come under one banner. The Bristol programmes make this selection strong with strong showing across several Britball leagues. The Bristol Aztecs really upped their game as they were clearly the second-best team in the Premiership South and almost upset the eventual Britbowl winners in the Manchester Titans in the semi-finals. The Bristol Apache crowned themselves Division 2 champions and secured promotion to the first division and the SGS (Bristol) Pride won the Division 1 BUCS league. Quite a stellar achievement for an area with less than half a million people.

Top Rookie Team – Highland Stags

The Stags were playing their first season as a fully accepted member of the BAFA leagues and their years of waiting to get in had created a strong foundation for the 2022 season. They not only topped their division against some well-established teams, but they also managed to go undefeated and beat a highly thought of outfit in the Scunthorpe Alphas in the semi-finals of the playoffs. They secured promotion into the first Division and although they fell short in the final its an incredible achievement for the Scots.

Most Surprising Teams

Good – East Essex Sabres

I’ll be totally honest and say I underestimated this team all year. Their division was on the whole very low scoring through most of the season, but the Sabres managed to go through the season undefeated. They lost out to the Northants Knights in the quarterfinals of the playoffs but ran them extremely close. Another offseason to build and this team will be looking to go all the way next season.

Bad – London Olympians

Really not sure what to make of the Olympians this year as they looked like they were getting themselves back together. They have an experienced coaching staff and some talented players but pulling out of 2 games and being comfortably beaten all year I’m not sure what to expect them for next season. A legendary program that needs a boost.

Most Improved – Lincolnshire Bombers

A team that looked like it was really struggling in 2021, some more teams popping up around them in the last few years, the Bombers looked like they were on a downward trend. They certainly showed this season that’s not the case. They challenged the Scunthorpe Alphas for the division to the end of the season and had some solid wins against some good teams.

Biggest Regression – Shropshire Revolution

A team that went from quarter finalists in the playoffs in 2019, to challenging some quality teams in 2021 and now all of a sudden relegated from division 1? I didn’t expect them to make the playoffs this year but they struggled to be competitive with any of the teams in their division outside Halton. They should be able to rebuild their roster with some good advertising and challenge for division 2 next year though.

Top Media Presence – Hertfordshire Cheetahs

All year the Cheetahs let their football do the talking even when they were written off by many at times, but that didn’t mean that they didn’t keep everyone up to date on their goings on. From a top-class field to weekly highlights, updates across all social media channels it’s no wonder they continue to rise up the ranks. They were only half a quarter off of the division 1 final and will be using their media to recruit some more top talent for next season.

Britball MVP – Sam Bloomfield (QB Manchester Titans)

Our MVP for the second season running. Sam has now done it all at all levels of the adult game and topped it off with taking the Titans to the top of Britball after defeating the Warriors in the Britbowl final and earning himself the game MVP. The Titans offence was high scoring all season long lead by their star quarterback. He will tell you he has the best offensive line in the business and may well be right as they gave up 7 sacks all season which is mental.

Stats – 168/256, 2270 Yards, 43 TDs, 10 INTs, 0 Fumbles Lost.
Completion Percentage – 65.6%, NFL Passer Rating 117.02

Rookie of the Year – Tom Wilson (Oxford Saints)

We seen plays made by this guy every week of the season and they weren’t just 2-yard touchdown rushes. I seen half field weaving runs, massive pass plays and even a kick return. A major piece in the Oxford Saint’s offence but he even made a field goal and 2 extra points this season. He didn’t play the whole season, but his stats below are impressive.

He had 1xGame MVP, 1x OMVP,1x Special Teams MVP, 7 Total Touchdowns.
Receiving – 26 Receptions, 452 Yards, 17.3 YPR, 5TD’s
Rushing – 9 Attempts, 86 Yards, 9.5 YPC, 1TD
Kick Return – 8 Attempts, 270 Yards, 33.8 YPR, 1TD

Coach of the Year – Luke Carlton (Manchester Titans)

If you want to know the football brain behind the Manchester Titans attack this guy is the reason. He has led the Titan’s offence for several years now and they have been extremely productive in his time in charge. He puts in a ridiculous amount of time doing game preparation and scouting, coming up with new concepts. Video breakdowns of all opponents no matter who it is with questions to be answered costing you game time.

Creating a standard that everyone is to follow and helped the Titans end the Warriors 39 game unbeaten streak. He uses statistics, group and individual feedback to feed his offence with confidence to go into games and help them achieve goals set in preseason. He has been rewarded for this by not only his team winning a Britbowl but he is also now the Offensive Quality Control for the Great Britain team.

Specialist of the Year – Scott McDonald (East Kilbride Pirates)

If you’re looking at special teams, there are players that are excellent returners however the sheer amount of successful kicks Scott made this season gains him this award this year. Including a game winner against Northumberland early in the season which ended up being extremely important, he was successful on 55/59 extra points and 4/6 from field goals including from distances of 27, 28, 34 and 39.

Play of the Year – Greg Black #31 (East Kilbride Pirates v Inverclyde Goliaths)

We had many of these sent to us on Instagram and Twitter this year that could be considered for this award. Greg after almost fumbling the hand off composes himself to then spin move past the firs would be tackler, jump cut past the next, sprint by the next then runs over not one but 2 more would be tacklers before running into the endzone on a 35-40 yard touchdown run.

See it again here:

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