Uniball 2022/23 Season Fixture Released: Division 2

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God’s division of Uniball will kick off soon and we are gonna find out who is looking for an all-expense paid ticket to the playoffs starting with who is playing who.

Borders 2

6th November
Aberdeen vs Edinburgh Napier
Heriot-Watt vs UWS

13th November
Aberdeen vs Teesside
Sunderland vs Edinburgh Napier

20th November
Sunderland vs Aberdeen
UWS vs Heriot-Watt

27th November
Aberdeen vs Heriot-Watt
UWS vs Sunderland

4th December
Teesside vs Heriot-Watt

11th December
Edinburgh Napier vs UWS
Teesside vs Sunderland

22nd January
Edinburgh Napier vs Teesside

29th January
Edinburgh Napier vs Aberdeen
Teesside vs UWS

5th February
Heriot-Watt vs Sunderland
UWS vs Aberdeen

12th February
Heriot-Watt vs Edinburgh Napier
Sunderland vs Teesside

Northern 2

30th October
York vs Lancaster
Bradford vs Edge Hill
Liverpool vs Bangor

6th November
Bangor vs York
Edge Hill vs Huddersfield
UCLan vs York St John
Lancaster vs Liverpool

13th November
Bangor vs Lancaster
Edge Hill vs York
UCLan vs Bradford

20th November
Huddersfield vs Bradford
Liverpool vs York
UCLan vs Bangor
Lancaster vs York St John

27th November
Bangor vs Edge Hill
York St John vs Liverpool
Lancaster vs Huddersfield

4th December
Edge Hill vs Lancaster
Huddersfield vs UCLan
York St John vs Bradford

11th December
Bradford vs York
UCLan vs Liverpool
York St John vs Huddersfield

22nd January
York vs Huddersfield
Bangor vs York St John
Bradford vs Lancaster
Edge Hill vs UCLan

29th January
Bradford vs Bangor
Huddersfield vs Liverpool

5th February
York vs UCLan
Huddersfield vs Bangor
Liverpool vs Bradford
York St John vs Edge Hill

12th February
York vs York St John
Liverpool vs Edge Hill
Lancaster vs UCLan

Midlands 2

30th October
Nottingham vs Anglia Ruskin
Leicester vs Derby
De Montfort vs Keele

6th November
De Montfort vs Nottingham
Lincoln vs Anglia Ruskin
Cambridge vs Derby

November 13th
Lincoln vs Keele
Anglia Ruskin vs De Montfort

November 20th
Leicester vs Cambridge
Lincoln vs Nottingham
Derby vs Anglia Ruskin

November 27th
Anglia Ruskin vs Leicester
Keele vs Derby
De Montfort vs Lincoln

4th December
Nottingham vs Derby
Cambridge vs De Montfort
Anglia Ruskin vs Keele

11th December
Derby vs De Montfort
Cambridge vs Keele
Leicester vs Lincoln

22nd January
Lincoln vs Cambridge
Nottingham vs Leicester

29th January
Keele vs Leicester
Cambridge vs Anglia Ruskin

5th February
Nottingham vs Cambridge
Derby vs Lincoln

12th February
De Montfort vs Leicester
Keele vs Nottingham

South Western 2

30th October
Worcester vs Plymouth
Bath Spa vs Gloucestershire

6th November
Gloucestershire vs Aberystwyth
Plymouth vs Bath

13th November
UWE 2s vs Aberystwyth
Worcester vs Bath Spa

20th November
Aberystwyth vs Worcester

27th November
UWE 2s vs Plymouth

4th December
Plymouth vs Bath Spa

11th December
Plymouth vs Gloucestershire
Aberystwyth vs Bath

22nd January
Bath Spa vs UWE
Bath vs Gloucestershire
Aberystwyth vs Plymouth

29th January
Worcester vs Bath
Gloucestershire vs UWE 2s
Bath Spa vs Aberystwyth

5th February
Gloucestershire vs Worcester
Bath vs UWE 2s

12th February
UWE 2s vs Worcester
Bath vs Bath Spa

South Eastern 2

30th October
Canterbury CC vs City
King’s College vs East London

6th November
City vs Kingston
UCL vs Canterbury CC
Greenwich vs King’s College

13th November
East London vs UCL
Greenwich vs Kingston

20th November
Canterbury CC vs Greenwich
City vs King’s College

27th November
Kingston vs East London
King’s College vs UCL

4th December
King’s College vs Kingston
UCL vs Greenwich
East London vs Canterbury CC

11th December
UCL vs City

22nd January
East London vs Greenwich
Canterbury CC vs King’s College

29th January
City vs East London
Kingston vs UCL

5th February
Kingston vs Canterbury CC

12th February
Greenwich vs City

Southern 2

30th October
Surrey vs Chichester
Brighton vs Solent

6th November
Winchester vs Reading
Oxford Brookes vs Chichester

13th November
Chichester vs Reading
Surrey vs Oxford Brookes

20th November
Brighton vs Winchester
Solent vs Oxford Brookes
Reading vs Surrey

November 27th
Surrey vs Winchester

4th December
Winchester vs Oxford Brookes
Reading vs Brighton
Chichester vs Solent

11th December
Solent vs Winchester
Chichester vs Brighton

22nd January
Brighton vs Surrey
Reading vs Solent

29th January
Solent vs Surrey

5th February
Oxford Brookes vs Brighton

12th February
Oxford Brookes vs Reading
Winchester vs Chichester

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