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Uniball Power Rankings Week 4: Divison 2

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Division 2 didn’t have too many games this week but had a lot of teams standing out. Still, the best division and teams are starting to pull away, falter and be happy they can’t be relegated out of Div 2.

1 – UWE Bullet 2’s – South Western 2

The formerly known as, unofficially named UWE Pellets put on a UWE Bullet’s level performance this past weekend, despite Bournemouth Bobcats are the top of the Southwest 2, the UWE 2’s proved they aren’t just afterthought putting on an absolutely amazing performance beating the Gloucestershire Gladiators 44-0. The 2’s have the Solent Redhawks in Week 5 and with both holding wins over the Gladiators, it should be a good game to shake up the division.

2 – KCL Regents – South Eastern 2

When I say Div 2 is the best Division I don’t lie and the Southeast might be the most interesting division. There are 3 teams currently at 2-0. The Regents, Cambridge Pythons and Kent Falcons. Proving there is a massive gulf between those three teams and the rest of the division and this division will only continue to be the most interesting when those three teams meet and we have one of those next weeks, The Regents coming off a 42-24 win over the City Wolfpack meet the Cambridge Pythons who had a week off following their win over the Canterbury Phoenix.

3 – Oxford Lancers/Brighton Panthers – Southern 2

I have said that the Southern division is very interesting, same as the Southeast, no one team is pulling ahead. But these two teams both played Week 4 and came away with a win and I can’t separate them. Both currently sit 2-0 but the Lancers have the better differential beating Chichester 41-6 in Week 3 and now Kingston 20-6 in Week 4. Whilst the Panthers wins don’t look like the Lancers win over Chichester, I can’t in good conscience take them off this list. Both teams have Week 5 off and are well deserved for both squads.

4 – Liverpool Raptors – Northern 2

In a Division that I think is going to end being controlled by the UCLAN Rams, the Raptors are telling me to keep my mouth shut. They sit at 2-0 much like the Rams and come off a win against the Lancaster Bombers and if they can get through a match with the Bradford Bears in week 6, they take on the UCLAN Rams on the 12th of December where I believe that game will decide a winner for the Northern Division 2.

5 – Lincoln Colonials – Midlands 2

Now if you think last weeks rankings are going to get me shouted at online, just wait because I am putting The Lincoln Colonials 5th in this week’s rankings in their first game of the season. The Notts Green had a great outing in their first week and with a walkover victory over Huddersfield Hawks the week previous, I believed the Green might cause a problem for the Colonials but even though they conceded one score the Colonials finished 20-7 over the Green. The issue for the Colonials is maximising time off as their game with DMU has been moved therefore they have a week off before they face the Staffordshire Stallions who should be going scorched earth after their crushing 50-6 defeat from the DMU Lions in 3 after dominating the Hawks Week 2.

One To Improve

Gloucestershire Gladiators – South Western 2

Currently sat at 0-3 the Gladiators need to sort out their issues quick and I hope the week off they get following Week 4 can help them address it. Despite being number one in the rankings this week, the UWE 2’s only scoring 6 against Bournemouth should show how much Gloucestershire could struggle with the big boys in their Division. Their next game is with the Plymouth Blitz who will have played their second game by the time their date with the Gladiators comes around, I hope the Glads can use their more experienced squad to move to 1-3.

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