Uniball Pre-Season Discussions – Division Two

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Some people out there might discredit Division Two but this is where champions are forged and Div 1 stars are created and there are still talking points for the entire league to pay attention to.

Do The Midlands Shake

It’s nothing new, teams get added to divisions all the time. But not like this, the Midlands 2 has gone through a complete facelift with teams joining from Div 1 and also joining the Midlands from the more Southern divisions, though there are few familiar faces in there.

ARU Rhinos, Derby Braves and Leicester Longhorns have all taken the plunge from Division One fame back down to Division Two and they will all be fighting to reclaim their spot up in the 1’s.

Cambridge Pythons have moved over from the South Eastern 2 division to join their Cambridge brethren in the ARU Rhinos.

Whilst the Nottingham Green, Keele Crusaders, Lincoln Colonials and DMU Lions head up the old guard of the Midlands, given Lincoln and Notts Green were in the playoffs last year, can they replace any key losses and make a push for promotion?

Bad Luck Raptors

The Liverpool Raptors, what can be said.

Win the Div 2 North but no promotion, not once but twice.

This is the problem with the Div 2 playoffs a team can come away with it all and not be rewarded with promotion.

But the question regarding Liverpool is have they lost key players that took them to championship glory when they are on the brink of Division One glory, has the promotion window slammed shut for the Liverpool Raptors?

Given they have the impressive UCLAN Rams and high-scoring Lancaster Bombers in their Division, it could be a struggle but it’s not a lie to say the Raptors deserve a shot at Div 1.

High Tide For The Mariners

Greenwich Mariners put on a masterful run to the Div 2 South Finals, beating the Div 1 bound Oxford Lancers 31-6 and the KCL Regents 20-0, only to meet the Bournemouth Uni Bobcats in the finals and fall to them.

Could the South be theirs in 2022? It all depends on the players they have lost whether or not they make Mariners Magic again.

A Rough Comedown

On the other side of those new faces in Div 1, someone has to come down to fill that void.

Reading Knights, York Centurions, Leicester Longhorns, Derby Braves, ARU Rhinos, Surrey Stingers, Bath Killer Bees all have made the plunge.

Bath Killer Bees also coming down from the South Western 1 due to the Filton Pride being added last year.

The biggest team to fall to Division 2 this year is the Derby Braves as I believe Steve’s quote was “I always think of Derby as a Prem team”. But does this mean they will just boss Division 2 or has the freefall got no bounds?

Napier Knight-Time

When it came to the start of the Playoffs last year, there were two squads who hadn’t allowed a single point for the entire regular season.

The future Uniball National Champions, the UWE Bullets.

And the Edinburgh Napier Knights.

We never got to see the Knights vs the Glasgow Uni Tigers as the Tigers has just 6 points against them in the Regular season.

But with Glasgow now in Division 1 does this mean the Div 2 Borders will once again be under the reign of the Napier Knights? They were an immovable object last year and I hope we see that level of dominance again.

One More Run…

Gloucestershire Gladiators, if you know.

You know.

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