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Way Too Early Division Winner Picks

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So that’s it, the new Britball season is upon us and the alignments have been released. The season will start to ramp up from here. Many teams have already started back training for pre-season and the fixtures get released on January 17th.

We thought we would take a look into who we think will be our division winners this season. So here we go!

Chris’s Picks

Sean’s Picks

We only differ on 2 teams so let’s justify some of our selections.

Premiership South

The Warriors are the best team in the country and have been for some time. No European League for them this year so they should continue to be the force in Britball. NFL Academy and experience at both Coach and Player positions should make recruiting easy.

Premiership North

The Titans put on a show last year, and against some really good teams as well as some not so good teams but they were rolling. Their recruitment drive doesn’t seem to have slowed down and they should be in a great position to start the season. Their biggest hurdle is the Tamworth Phoenix.

Division 1 – NFC1 North/South

East Kilbride managed to beat a Premiership team last year and have been building a strong squad over the last few seasons. The loss of their Head Coach is the only concern. Northumberland Vikings may be their biggest test after EKP lost out to them for the Division in 2019.

The Leicester Falcons shouldn’t have many issues with their division opponents but don’t write off the Chester Romans. If they continue the upward trend they have shown the last couple of years they could challenge.

Division 1 – SFC East/West

The Cambridgeshire Cats have done very little wrong over the last couple of seasons. In 2019 they were one of the top teams in division 1 and the folding of Bury may allow them to pick up some extra players. It looks like they have managed to recruit some players already. This is a really good division so we don’t see anyone going undefeated.

The Hertfordshire Cheetahs lost their opening game last year before winning the rest. If they can hold form and start off as well as they ended last season we’re not sure anyone will stand in their way.

Division 2 – NFC & SFC North, East, South & West

The NFC looks a lot more straightforward than the SFC.

The Highland Stags came into last season looking to gain a place in the national leagues and have done that. They won some tough games against good opposition last year and if they can continue to strengthen it should be a good year for them. 

Gateshead Senators should be comfortably the best team in their division although Darlington may have something to say about that if they have continued to develop.

Doncaster Mustangs are still our favourites for their division. The Lincolnshire Bombers really seemed to take a step back last year but the Humber Warhawks have been on an upward trend and could challenge.

The Surge had some nasty opponents in 2021 and struggled with squad numbers after injuries. Even with smaller numbers, they should win their division.

The SFC has us disagreeing in a couple of divisions.

In the SFC North our rookie team of the year, the Northants Knights, are Chris’s favourite to continue to progress and be a force in division 2. I can’t write off Berkshire though as even though they were relegated in 2019 they still put up some good games against good opponents.

Norwich Devils and Colchester Gladiators shared a win each last year and although Norwich looked to finish the stronger, the Gladiators still had a more consistent season. This one could come down to the last game between them as a decider for the division.

Bristol Apache, the division should be theirs for the taking with only the Somerset Wyverns likely to give them a game. My only concern is after a really good season last season have any of their players moved up the ranks to the Aztecs? Even if just a few, unless Somerset get a nice boost, Bristol should have enough.

The East Essex Sabres are the team that most will think look like winning this division. Unless substantial improvement has been made by the others we can’t see it going any other way.

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