Week 16 SFC 1 Preview

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Its certainly a tale of two conferences in the SFC 1. The SFC 1 East already has been concluded with the Champions, Runners-up and Relegation all locked in.

In contrast the SFC 1 Central, which is always a fantastic conference for competition, has two teams playing for survival and another two playing for the other playoff spot as Solent Thrashers have already been crowned champions.

The scenarios in SFC 1 Central are both confusing and exciting when you see who is playing who.

Here’s the Standings for reference:

Click for a view of SFC 1 Central Standings and all Scores for this season

Hertfordshire Cheetahs and Sussex Thunder are vying for the second Playoff berth, and Berkshire Renegades and Oxford Saints are both trying to avoid relegaion.

Game 1

The top 2 teams play each other as Solent Thrashers (9-0) host Hertfordshire Cheetahs (7-2). Solent will want to assert their dominance and maintain their perfect regular season record.

What a story Hertfordshire are, promoted this season and going into the last game in second place. Truly an amazing season for them regardless of this result.

If Hertfordshire win then they secure that second Playoff berth (and ruin Solent’s perfect record). If Hertfordshire lose and Sussex lose then Hertfordshire will still be in the Playoffs. However, if Hertfordshire lose and Sussex win then Sussex will take the second Playoff berth.

The last time these two teams met was back in Week 8 where Solent got the away shutout victory in an 0-10 game

Game 2

Sussex Thunder (6-3) host Berkshire Renegades (1-8), both teams having something to play for here.

As stated above, if Sussex win and Hertfordshire lose, then Sussex are in the Playoffs.

If Berkshire win then regardless of other results (due to a +5 point differential over Oxford) they are safe from relegation.

If both Berkshire and Oxford lose then that +5 point differential saves the Renegades.

If Berkshire lose and Oxford win then Berkshire are relegated.

The last time these two teams met was in Week 10 when Sussex got the away win in a fairly close 6-17 game.

Game 3

Portsmouth Dreadnoughts (3-6) host Oxford Saints (1-8). Technically Portsmouth are playing for nothing but pride as they are safe from relegation and not in the Playoff race – not bad for their first season in Div 1.

However, Portsmouth are putting on their first ever ‘Club Day‘ with a number of stalls, activites and a bar to provide a great family day out in the sunshine whilst raising funds for the development of the club.

Quick side note, the Dreadnoughts are taking over the Sportank Twitter page on Sunday so you’ll be able to catch all the build up and excitement of the game as well as the fun of the Club Day on our Twitter feed.

Quite simply Portsmouth will not want to lose a game in front of all their pals.

Oxford, as has already been stated about 50 times, are fighting to stay in Div 1.

If Portsmouth win then Oxford are relegated. If Oxford win and Berkshire lose, then Oxford stay in Div 1 and Berkshire are relegated.

By some miracle, if both Oxford and Berkshire win then Oxford will be relegated. (and Portsmouth will have been mugged off in front of their pals).

When these two teams last played back in Week 10, the Dreadnoughts got the away win in a high scoring 17-36 game.

Portsmouth Dreadnoughts will be putting on their first ever Club Day to raise money to continue to develop their club

My SFC 1 Central Predictions

I think that the winners on the day will be: Hertfordshire Cheetahs, Sussex Thunder, and Portsmouth Dreadnoughts. Meaning that Solent lose their undefeated status, Hertfordshire take the second Playoff spot, and Oxford Saints are relegated.

SFC 1 East

Absolute bore-fest in this conference! Well, compared to the SFC 1 Central it is.

The SFC 1 East is already sown up, Cambridgeshire Cats are the Champions, London Hornets are the runners up, both go through to the Playoffs. Ouse Valley were relegated back in Week 4 when they forfeited their away fixture against the Cats, having lost the them at home 2 weeks prior in 0-48 blowout.

Here’s the Standings for reference:

Click for a view of SFC 1 East Standings and all Scores for this season

Only 2 games being played, regardless of any results, there will be no impact on Standings in terms of positon.

Game 1

Wembley Stallions (4-5) host Bury Saints (6-3), the Saints have been in high-scoring form the second half of the season, so we expect a few scores from them at least.

Wembley have struggled to put up points against the better teams in the conference this year with 2 scores being their max against any of the top 3 teams. However, with home field advantage and both teams playing for pride, we might see a buck in this trend.

When these two teams last played it was all the way back in Week 1 where Bury got the Home win in a very close 13-9 game.

Game 2

Cambridgeshire Cats (8-1) host Colchester Gladiators (1-8) and will not want another blemish on their record this season nor will they want a home loss on the final day.

Colchester have been worse than poor this season. They have the lowest points difference in the confernece with -249 and have only managed to muster a single win which was over the already relegated Ouse Valley Eagles.

In fact if Ouse Valley hadn’t forfeited their game in Week 4 against the Cats then it would be the Gladiators who get relegated. Hopefully the Glads can re-group and come back in a more competitive positon next season, but if not then they are very likely to be in another relegation situation in 12 months time.

These two last played in Week 1 where the Cats got the away shutout victory in a 0-27 game.

My SFC 1 East Predictions

I think that the winners on the day will be: Bury Saints and Cambridgeshire Cats.

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