Where To Watch NFL In The UK 2020?

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In can be confusing for us UK fans about where to watch the NFL in 2020 as there are restrictions and different platforms so we thought we’d set it straight!

Where to watch the NFL in the UK

In recent weeks the NFL has really shown dedication to the growing UK fan base for American Football. They announced a new partnership with Sky Sports to bring a dedicated channel to British fans and they have also said there will be an extended show on the BBC every Saturday morning. Without a doubt, the best thing for NFL fans in the UK is NFL Gamepass. Yes, they do blackout some games if they are being shown elsewhere but RedZone is the best thing for Sunday evenings, you see every notable play from every game. This product does cost £140 but it is perfect for the avid NFL fan.

If you have Sky Sports you can watch three different games on Sunday evening, one at 6 pm, one at 9:25 pm and the Sunday night game at around 1 am. Sky Sports also covers Thursday night football, Monday night football, the playoffs and the Super Bowl. On the new dedicated NFL channel, you can expect to see much of the same programming that you would see on NFL network which can also be streamed on NFL Gamepass.

With the BBC you can watch their new extended Saturday show that will go over the week in-depth with Mark, Osi and Jason. You will also see the Super Bowl in February with coverage from the three-person crew when the game goes to breaks. The other new development in free-to-watch NFL programming is that Channel 5 are airing all Monday night football games for the next few years.

Any questions on where to watch the NFL in 2020? Message us and we’ll be happy to help!

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